How to Unlock Javier Salazar Character in COD Mobile | “Prime Loadout” Challenge

Season 12 of COD Mobile is in it’s full swing and is running smoothly as ever. The new season brought many new in-game features, including, maps, modes, guns etc. With new season, the new season challenges arrived as well. One of them is the “Prime Loadout” seasonal challenge which is giving the Javier Salazar – Bronze Arrow as it’s completion reward.

Today we’ll be taking you through all the challenges you need to complete in order to get the desired character skin.

Prime Loadout – Seasonal Challenge

“Prime Loadout” is the latest seasonal challenge in COD Mobile right now, and it’s based on the challenges of Battle Royale mode. It offers credits, Battle Pass XP, Helicopter and PDW-57 skin, and a couple of other rewards which you’ll see in the pictures and list below.

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How to Get Javier Salazar – Bronze Arrow Character

You’ll be obliged to do the following challenges in order to get all the rewards including the primary skin of Javier Salazar.

  • Survive in Battle Royale for 15 minutes / 900 seconds (Rewards: Credits x200, Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Kill 5 enemies in BR as Nomad – Bug Spray (available in the credit store) (Rewards: Ninja – Alarm, Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Pick up a customized weapon in BR 3 times (Rewards: Weapon XP Card x5, Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Kill 5 enemies with epic weapons in BR (Rewards: Weapon XP Card x5, Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Kill 5 enemies with legendary weapons in BR (Rewards: Helicopter – Bronze Arrow, Battle Pass XP x4000)
  • Kill 10 enemies with SMG in BR (Rewards: PDW-57 – Alarm, Battle Pass XP x5000)
  • Earn a Gun Master medal in BR once (Rewards: Weapon XP Cards x15, Battle Pass XP x6000)
  • Kill 5 enemies with a customized weapon from your loadout (Rewards: Javier Salazar – Bronze Arrow, Battle Pass XP x6000)

Completing all the above tasks will lead you to the ultimate reward of Javier Salazar character skin.

This was our guide about the new Prime Loadout seasonal challenge. We’ll be covering more challenges and events with time to time, here on BRGeeks!

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