Horizon Forbidden West: Aided Kotallo Trophy Guide


Just like any open-world game, Horizon Forbidden West has the main quest line and a variety of side missions that pop up all over the map. These side missions sometimes are easily spotted while others are only triggered if you are near their location. Aided Kotallo Trophy is linked to one such side mission, and here we will guide you through it.

Though the side mission, that is “What Was Lost”, is hidden, completing it doesn’t require anything new. There are two ways of starting this mission depending on where are you progression-wise. So let’s get down to the facts of this trophy.

Starting Point

This side mission, “What Was Lost” is available after you have completed the following main missions:

  • “The Kulrut“
  • “The Sea of Sands”
  • “Seeds of the Past“

The starting location can be different. Selecting the dialogue option “A personal request” will trigger this side quest. If you are still making your way through the main story then Kotallo will give you this quest at The Base after you go there having completed the aforementioned quests.

Or if you are done with the main story completely then Kotallo will have moved out of the base and relocated to The Memorial Grove.

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What Was Lost – Side Mission

You will be requested to go to the campfire near Ninmah Research Lab. Kill the machines outside the tunnel to head into the lab. Make your way towards the location where Beta was all the while getting rid of all the Apex Scrappers in the way. As soon as you interact with the console here Specters will start appearing so equip your Acid weapons to take them down quickly. After going up to the second floor and splitting from Kotallo, use your Pullcaster to get to a vent. In this room, you will be able to Pullcast your way up to the ceiling and get access to a new room. open the chest and get the Zenith Components. Return to Kotallo’s original location, where ever you started the side mission from, The Base or The Memorial Grove. Give the items to Kotallo to build the arm, which will put this whole quest on hold until later.

The second part of the quest will be available once you have done the 13th main story quest, Faro’s Tomb if you have started the side mission mid-story, otherwise if the story is completed the mission will be available as soon as possible.

Kotallo will ask you to help him test the new arm he has created from the previously acquired components and for that, you have to make your way to the campfire near The Bulwark. Here you and Kotallo have to fight a Scorcher to test his arm, best way to deal with the machine is to have Frost damage weapon in hand. Once all of this is done the Aided Kotallo Trophy will pop and satisfaction will be yours.

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Hopefully, this guide will be of help to you in achieving the Trophy you wanted. Do let us know in the comments below.

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