Horizon Forbidden West: All Melee Pits Locations

Horizon Forbidden West, being an open-world game, has many activities to sink your teeth into. These points of interest, when completed, will give Alloy some beneficial upgrade helping here tackle the many terrors of this world. Here we have mentioned all the Melee Pits, which will improve her melee capabilities.

Gone are the days when melee was not a viable option when dealing with the baddies of Horizon. This time around the melee has been expanded upon by the developers, from Zero Dawn. These melee skills can further be honed using the melee pits with a great reward at the end.

All Melee Pit Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

A total of 15 melee challenges spread amongst 4 locations with a 16 and last challenge being a secret, unlocked after completing all the previous ones. These challenges are your teaching missions where you can learn to chain all the various combos you unlock. Another thing to note here is that some challenges will only unlock once you have acquired the specific skill from the Warrior/melee Skill tree. These challenges can be completed after the story is done.

Location # 1: Melee Pit Chainscrape

image 330

Challenge1: Block Breaker

Block Breaker Skill required for this. Keep using this combo (R1, R1, R2) to take the challenger out.

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Challenge 2: Resonator Blast

Hit the enemy enough to make the spear glow. Then use R2 to do a heavy attack to energize the enemy and use your bow to shoot the energized point on the enemy to get a Resonator Blast.

Challenge 3: Pit Master Challenge

The Pit Master will challenge you to a duel for this. The easiest way of doing this is to keep using the first combo, Block Breaker, to defeat him quickly.

Location # 2: Melee Pit: Scalding Spear

image 331

Challenge 1: Warrior’s Wrath

Chain a combo using R1, R1, R1, R2 then hold R2 to heavy strike and energize the enemy and use your bow to do a Resonator Blast.

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Challenge 2: Aerial Punisher

By pressing R1 then R2 you will perform an attack that will launch your enemy in the air from where you can use your bow to get them in the air.

Challenge 3: Pit Master Challenge

This Pit Master can be easily defeated using the same strategy as before, spamming the Block Breaker combo.

Location # 3: Melee Pit: The Bulwark

image 332

Challenge 1: Jump-Off and Shoot

For this you have to dodge an attack pressing O followed by a combo of R1 and hold R2, launching you in the air from where you can aim your bow and rain arrows on the enemy.

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Challenge 2: Seek and Strike

Start off with an R1 attack, keep your left stick forward and hold R2 to jump over the enemy and press R2 again in the air to land a smashing strike on the enemy behind.

Challenge 3: Sustained Breaker

Perform the Block Breaker combo then chain with holding R1 then hold R2 and shoot the enemy with the bow to perform this massive onslaught.

Challenge 4: Pit Master Challenge

With two enemies in the arena you can spam the good old Block Breaker combo all the while using the Resonator blast to hit both targets with the explosion.

Location # 4 Melee Pit: Thornmarsh

image 333

Challenge #11: Destroyer Chain

Start with a Heavy attack R2 then use R1, hold on a moment, then R1, R1, R1, R1 and finish things off with an arrow from your bow.

Challenge #12: Reap and Clear

Press R1, R1, wait for a second, press R1, R1, keep your left stick forward, Hold R1 for a charged light attack and then hold R2.

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Challenge #13: Energy Surge Chain

R1, R1, R1, hold for 2 seconds, then hold R1 then hold R2

Challenge #14: Power Rush

Hold R2 for a heavy attack, after it finishes, hold R1 for a charged light attack, then press R1, R1, R2 then 2 more light attacks, then shoot the enemy with a bow.

Challenge #15: Pit Master Challenge

The Block Breaker is your best friend here too, keep spamming it to break his shield and sustain your attacks.

Location # 5 & Last Melee Challenge: Enduring

image 334

After completing all the Melee Pits you will be notified of The Enduring errand. Track it to a camp with black smoke coming out of it and interact with the NPC there. She will take you to another Melee pit where you have to defeat her, her being the final boss of the melee pit activity.

Use all that you have learned so far or hold dear the Block Breaker combo to conquer her. Once downed she will reward you with a substantial upgrade to your spear/melee damage.

The melee pits can be made easier if you lower your difficulty to Story, but they are easier than you think, all you have to do is upgrade your skill tree to unlock the challenges and get used to the button inputs of each combo. Hopefully, you’ll fly through these challenges with this guide. And if you are facing any issues in Horizon Forbidden West visit here.

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