All Machines Locations and Types in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has a vast open-world that features tons of secrets and enemies for you to discover. You can read through our beginner’s tips guide. Since you have to stop an extinction-level threat, you are obviously going to be facing large and dangerous machines. Speaking of machines, there are a total of 43 machines that we found. That is why this guide will look at all machine locations and types in Horizon Forbidden West.

Every machine is found in a different biome and area. Some coexist but most of them like to keep their distance from the other machines. Keep in mind that this guide will only look at the machines that you can find in the wild; not the ones that the rebels are using. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at all machine locations and types in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: All Machines Types and Locations

Some of these machines are extremely dangerous and we suggest that you take caution when approaching them. However, worry not because with enough care and using the correct ammo, you can expose their weak spots and take them down. Without wasting any time, let’s get started and see where you can find all machines in the dangerous world of Forbidden West.

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First up, the Grazer is a common machine that you can find in the wild. They travel in herds and like to stay in areas that have a lot of natural resources. Grazers are usually easily scared and will run away but if you attack them, they will not hesitate to fight you. They are weak against Shock damage but are strong against Acid.

Grazer Location

They can be found pretty much everywhere but this is the site that is most easy to access. There is plenty of tall grass for you to hide in and take a look at their pattern before attacking them. Killing them is quite easy as you can simply sneak up to a Grazer and sneak attack it.



Another common machine, the Burrower is a recon-type machine that roams around the area to find potential threats. They are weak against fire damage but aren’t strong against anything. However, don’t be fooled by its small frame. Once it has located you, it will let out a high-pitched sound which alerts all enemies in the area. Plus, as the name suggests, it can burrow underground and emerge from random locations.

Burrower Location

These machines can be found almost everywhere as they like to stay near other machines to alert them if a threat is near. Since the Burrower is a small machine, you can easily kill it with a sneak attack.

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Scroungers travel in packs and can be often found feasting on other machines’ parts. Finding them can be easy because they are found almost everywhere. Their main weakness is against Frost and Acid damage. Fortunately, they aren’t all that tough so they aren’t strong against any type of damage. Be careful though, if they attack you in a pack, you will have a bad time.

Scrounger Location

You can come across the first Scrounger site pretty early on in the starting area of the game. There is a fast travel point near this site so it should be easy to get here. There is a lot of tall grass near this area so you can hide in that and sneak attack them. However, since they travel in packs, you are likely to be seen by a Scrounger immediately after you sneak attack one.



These are small lightweight machines that are primarily used for the transportation of goods. Leaplashers usually travel in packs and are extremely agile. On top of that, they can deploy the cargo on its back to buff their allies. You will have to take them out before they deploy the cargo otherwise it can get messy. Use purgewater damage against them to deal additional damage, and avoid using shock damage.

Leaplasher Location

While common, Leaplashers are mostly found in desert biomes. Luckily, Forbidden West features a lot of dry areas so you can easily find Leaplasher sites located near each other. Don’t underestimate their small stature because they can pack a mean punch.



The Scrapper travels in packs and they break down machine carcasses. On top of that, they scan nearby areas for any potential threats. If they spot an intruder, they will work together and defend the salvage that they found. These machines are agile and can pack a mean punch especially if you let them surround you. Using shock damage against them is highly recommended while you should avoid plasma damage.

Scrapper Location

The Scrappers are found throughout the world of Horizon Forbidden West regardless of the biome. They are roaming around looking for machine carcasses to salvage. They can be found in the first desert area you encounter so keep an eye out for them.



Spikesnouts are passive machines that are not hostile at all. They will immediately retreat if you provoke them or attack them. However, once they get attacked, they will sometimes leave clouds of vapor that can buff their allies and weaken their enemies. Since it is strong against shock damage, you should avoid using that. Although, you can use fire and purgewater damage against them.

Spikesnout Location

Since they like to liquify resources in the soil and extract them, you can find the Spikesnouts in dry deserts. Luckily, you can come across the first Spikesnout site early on in the game. They are easy to destroy so don’t worry about fighting them.



Moving on to our first flying machine of the list – the Skydrifter. They can glide across areas and easily track any threats in the area. They are extremely fast and agile whether they are on the ground or in the air. Their main offensive attack is to use its sharp tail and wingtips. Using frost damage will yield the best results against them.

Skydrifter Location

These machines are found in the starting area and can be challenging to deal with at first due to their sheer speed. However, keep your aim steady and you will take them out easily. They do not have a lot of HP so they won’t take a lot of hits. Taking out the canisters on their back will deal the most amount of damage.



Plowhorns are fast machines despite being midweight. They use their horns at the front and their tail to attack enemies. Plus, they leave a trail of dust behind them that they can use for stealth and attack when you are least suspecting it. If you use acid against them, they will take a lot of damage. However, avoid using frost and purgewater against them.

Plowhorn Location

You can find a Plowhorn site after leaving the starting area of the game. They are not the toughest enemy to deal with but you should keep your distance. If you get too close, they deal a good amount of damage to you. Take out the various canisters on their body to deal additional damage and stun them.



Chargers are herd machines that like to dig natural resources and convert them into biofuel. If they spot you, they will get startled and flee instead of fighting you. However, if you get too close, the Charger will take action into its own hands and attack you. It will eventually flee so make sure to destroy it before it gets a chance to run away.

Charger location

Chargers can be found almost everywhere. Even if you’re not looking for them, chances are that you’ll stumble across a Charger site. The earliest you can encounter them is right at the start of the first area where you start your journey. You can override them to mount them and roam across the map.



Lanehorns travel in herds and look for natural resources so that they can convert them into useable materials. Like the Chargers, they quickly flee the area but can attack you if you get too close. They don’t have a lot of HP and don’t deal that much damage. Plus, they are weak against fire damage, so make sure that you use that to fight them.

Lancehorn Location

Finding a Lancehorn isn’t difficult at all. They are spread all across the map of Horizon. Since they travel in a herd, you can easily spot them from a distance. However, make sure to keep your distance otherwise they will attack you.



Longlegs are recon machines that are extremely agile and they are able to scan tall grass areas to located enemies. You will have to always keep moving if you want to avoid them. Staying in the same place will be problematic as they will be able to find you in the tall grass. On top of that, if they locate you, they will use a sound-based attack that will stun anyone hit by it.

Longleg Location

Finding these machines is not a difficult thing as they are quite common. You can stumble across a Longleg site pretty often. If you see it approaching you in the tall grass, you should move away or attack it before it has a chance to use the sound attack. Getting hit by that will leave you vulnerable and open to other attacks.



Introduced in the sequel, Slitherfang is a large machine that takes the shape of a snake. It has a lot of HP and deals tons of damage. No matter what, you must not let it hit you. Otherwise, it can potentially end your journey in one hit. Despite their large frame, they are surprisingly agile and use a variety of attacks to keep you on edge. You can use fire, frost, and plasma damage as it is weak to it.

Slitherfang Location

You can find Slitherfangs in the wild slithering around. Alternatively, you can take part in the arena and fight them as a boss fight. Facing them in the wild is a bit better as you have more space to move around and avoid its attack. Needless to say, it is as scary and intimidating as it looks.



Tremortusk is a large machine that has rebels riding on top of it. They use their giant tusks and various weapons to attack you. If you are fighting a Tremortusk, be patient as they have a lot of HP. You will have to use everything at your disposal to destroy them. Keep on moving around it and use adhesive grenades to trap it in one place for a while. This will allow you to line up your shots and deal a good amount of damage.

Tremortusk location

Tremortusks can be roaming around in the wild. If you do not want to fight them there, worry not because you will have to face one as a part of a story mission. This was heavily promoted in the trailer and gameplay of Forbidden West. However, we suggest that you are well-prepared before taking them on.



Tallnecks are passive recon machines that do not attack anyone. They roam around a certain area and do not pay attention to anything near them. You have to climb the Tallneck and reach the top to sync with them. This will allow you to see more information in that area of the map. They can be found in a lot of places so make sure that you sync with all of them to get the most amount of information on the map.



Bristleback is a herd machine that attacks enemies with both melee and ranged attacks. It can be found digging up resources from the ground. They have high HP and can deal a decent amount of damage, especially with their ranged attack. Using shock damage is extremely effective against them. However, we advise against using acid damage.

Bristleback Location

Bristlebacks are scattered all across the map of Horizon Forbidden West. While they aren’t that common, you won’t have any issues finding them. However, be careful as they travel in herds and if they attack you at once, you are likely to die.


This is a developing article and will be updated in a short while. So check back later more machine locations in the game.

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Specter Prime

Those are all the machines in Horizon Forbidden West with their locations. We would love to know your thoughts on the game so far and which machine is your favorite to fight against. Let us know in the comments below which machine are you excited to fight against.

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