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Horizon Forbidden West has many collectibles to discover, some reward the gameplay while others are more cosmetic. These survey drones are found flying in some parts of the map and are a kind of platforming puzzle that you have to figure out to reach and collect. Here you will find all these survey drones’ locations.

Survey Drones can be missed if your eyes are not fixed to the sky or you haven’t been to their part of the map. Also, there are ways to approach them that are discussed in the article below. So get your climbing boots on and let’s discover them. For those who missed, we have also covered all the machines in Horizon Forbidden West.

What are Survey Drones in Horizon Forbidden West?

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You’ll find these small machines flying about minding their own business, they are not hostile so most of the time you won’t be bothered investigating them. They are 10 in total throughout the game and only one is required to get a Trophy. Once all of them are collected they reward the player with unique aesthetic customization.

They fly in a set pattern and stop near climbable locations in their loop. These locations then have to be scaled to reach the top and jump on the drones to drag them down to the ground and retrieve the collectible or reward from them. These can be done any time in the game and are not bound by the story. To keep them in vision and learn their pattern use your focus to highlight them.

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Survey Drone 1: Module 024

image 341
image 342

Climb the mountain in the location marked above and highlight the pattern. Wait for it to reach near you and jump on to it.

Survey Drone 2: Module 047

image 338
image 339

You climb up the ruins using the rocks around it, leading up to the drone’s resting positon.

Survey Drone 3: Module 143

image 343
image 344

Use the ramp on the top of this formation to access this drone’s flying sequence.

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Survey Drone 4: Module 287

image 345
image 346

For this, you will need the flying mount “Sunwing”, obtained by completing the 16th main quest. The rocks where this drone revolves around are unclaimable and to ascend them you will need the help of your mount. Fly to the top examine the stopping position of the drone and jump.

Survey Drone 5: Module 367

image 347
image 348

There is a ruined tower at the location marked which can be climbed from the inside, make your way up and bring that drone down.

Survey Drone 6: Module 549

image 349
image 350

Using the flying mount you have to aim for the tree marked in the picture, jump on the tree from the mount and you can grapple onto it. The drone rests here twice in its pattern so you won’t have to wait for long to jump on it.

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Survey Drone 7: Module 678

image 351
image 352

Climb the hill near the drone, it will have a wooden platform on it. The drone will be further away this time so it’s advised that you use your glider to close some of the gap to it and drop once you are near the drone and grab it.

Survey Drone 8: Module 398

image 353
image 354

The trees surrounding this drone’s area have visible platforms that can be climbed. A fallen tree on the ground will be your starting point, so make your way up to the last platform and glide to the drone for easier accessibility.

Survey Drone 9: Module 739

image 355
image 356

Climb this huge mountain to the drone’s location. The point in its pattern where it drops the lowest is when you have to leap and open your glider to reach its position otherwise you won’t be able to make it.

Survey Drone 10: Module 863

image 357
image 358

The building located at the marked location can be climbed or flown up to, there will be a yellow wooden beam that can used to jump to the drone.


Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drone Console
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After collecting these drones you can visit The Base to where Gaia is, there will be a console that you can interact with. When you insert the drone’s data in this console, the dome will showcase beautiful scenery. The scenery is related to the drone’s location on the map and can be changed to whichever you like. No gameplay advantage, this is purely for the aesthetics.

Hopefully, this guide would have helped you in locating all these Survey Drones in Horizon Forbidden West. This base system is new to Horizon Forbidden West and to find out what other differences are between the sequels visit here.

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