How To Access The Hidden Web Browser On The PS5

When the PS5 was announced, fans knew that they have entered the next generation of amazingly powerful consoles and the PS5 was the one leading the revolution. Although the console delivered above and beyond what was expected of it, a few fans were a little disappointed when news came out that there won’t be an in-build Web Browser in the console.

However, due to a recent disclosure, it has been found that the PS5 does in fact come with a web browser, just a little more secretive than its predecessors. This guide will help you locate that browser and use it to access the internet. We will also help you identify the reason behind why Sony made this decision of hiding the internet browser, so stay tuned.

PS5: How To Find The Secret Web Browser

To access the secret web browser on the PS5, you would first need to understand that although the browser exists, it is very limited in its use. You may be able to head over to YouTube but being able to stream videos depends completely on luck. The same is the case for music hosting websites like Spotify and Bandcamp. So without further ado, let’s see how we can locate this browser:

  • Once your PS5 has booted up, press the system’s setting button.
  • In the system’s setting navigate to user’s guide and click and it.
  • This will take you to a website with the user’s guide. Navigate down and find the “Link with Other Services”.
  • From here you can link your Twitter account to the web browser, and redirect yourself to YouTube or other sites.

The biggest reason behind Sony deciding on hiding this internet browser is the availability of such services across your homes. Also, the PlayStation has always received backlash due to its complicated UI, and adding a limited browser to the fray would only have complicated things. This is why we believe that Sony’s decision of making the PS5 an exclusive platform was genius in action.

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The PS5 has been the best flagship console Sony has released, and rightfully so as the console has taken us to another era of gaming. What are your thoughts on the subject? Let us know in the comment section below.

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