PS5 System Update 21.02- Released, Stability Improvements

Sony has gone all-in with their latest next-gen console, the PS5, and to make sure that their efforts and dedication pay off, they have pushed out another system update, 21.02- to make sure the console is performing to the highest of its abilities. The PS5 had revolutionized console gaming with its Dual Sense controllers and a lot of new additional features, and it’s no surprise that Sony is treating it as their Finest Creation.

The PS5 was released in the November of 2020 and has ever since become one of the most prestigious consoles to have graced our gaming lives. The PS5 was very positively received by the community not only for its amazing performance but for its sleek design as well. This is why Sony has still not let go of this product and continues to push out updates to make sure the PS5 can keep up with the demands of time.

Update 21.02- For PS5 Out Now

Sony has just pushed out Update 21.02- for PlayStation 5 and we are all here for it. The update is supposed to be another Stability Patch that will help improve the performance of the console in terms of all these new titles being released. Just log in to your PS5 and download the update to enjoy the latest patch.

The update has a file size of at least 0.91 GB, which isn’t much at all but make sure you have enough space prepared before you get started with the update process.

It looks like the PS5 has a few more years in it before we are presented with anything new. What are your thoughts on that? Let us know in the comment section below.

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