How To Beat Sean “The Fighter” in Sifu (Boss Guide)

When you are done getting the hang of the game and its combo the game will start to put you against some heavy hitters especially the bosses. Sean “The Fighter” is the second main boss of the game in the Club Level and can be a handful. Like any Sifu boss fight learning the fight, patterns are the key and we are here to guide you through it.

Defeating a Sifu boss usually comes down to using your arsenal of moves properly from when to dodge to parry to counterattack. Also figuring out from the boss’s fight pattern the exact moment when there is an opening to attack is the key. So let’s look at Sean’s pattern and the openings we can exploit.

What Upgrades to get before Sean?

Before each boss, you will be presented with a statue which will have a couple of rewards to choose from considering your Age, Score, and XP. A few things you can consider or are recommended are:

  • If your death counter is over 3 you should reset it here cause there is a high chance that you will die a lot learning the pattern.
  • Weapon Proficiency can be invested in as there are Staff all over the boss arena.
  • Focus Reserves is an invaluable upgrade and should be upgraded at least twice.
  • Structure Regain will allow for lower stun chances if you Avoid the attacks
  • Focus regain is essential to this guide as this will allow for you to use those focus moves more often.
image 95
Upgrade/Reward Statue

How To Beat Sean “The Fighter”?

Sean “The Fighter” though is menacing and has been kicking the crap out of you for quite some time is quite easy if zoom in on his pattern. He does pretty much the same kind of moves that can be easily maneuvered once you get a hang of it.

First Phase

For the first phase of the fight you can pick up the Staff, they are all over the arena, to make hits more hard-hitting. The key thing to hone in on is the blocking and the directional keys (L1 and Left Stick). He has this 3 hit combo that he will constantly use, starting 2 attacks should be blocked and the 3rd one needs to be Avoided, after the last hit you will be presented with an opening to land your strikes. Striking without an opening will never be fruitful so wait for him to give you the chance.

The opening is after a big upper swipe or a vertical swipe. As soon as you see these moves start attacking but don’t get carried away land a few strikes and move back as patience is a virtue. If he’s at a distance he will do this shoulder dash move to close in and start the 3 hit combo all over.

image 96

Once you know the pattern and are Avoiding attacks as second nature, you can start using the Focus Moves, especially the Strong Sweep which is very powerful. Defeat the first phase by repeating these actions and move to the second phase.

image 97
Big upper swipe attack

Second Phase

The second phase starts with everything burning and any damage you received previously will be recovered. He’s a bit more aggressive in this phase and starts using a low attack which catches the player off guard. Low attacks are dodged by pressing Block and Up on the stick. Most of his first attack in each combo will be this low attack so beware to dodge. His overall combos will stay the same so keep following the first phase instructions.

image 98

He likes to dodge away in this phase after each combo is done so it’s crucial to time your hits at the end of his combo. If you have invested in the Focus Regain then each hit you avoid will give you Focus back and you’ll be able to land hard-hitting moves more often but this tactic can take longer.

At the half-health mark in this phase, he will start to glow and become even more aggressive and use more of the low attack so if you can save the Focus attack for this portion of the fight it will help you massively, the same Strong Sweep is recommended. Keep following the pattern patiently and you will end him soon!

image 99
Low attack

If you are done with this fight under 35 to 40 age max then you will be in a good shape for later missions. Let us know what age it took you to defeat this boss and did this guide helped you in the comments below.

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