How to Check PUBG: New State Server Status for Downtime and Maintenance

PUBG: New State Sensitivity Settings

Are you suffering from lag or other disconnection issues in PUBG: New State? That’s a common trait of a newly released game. Before you start blaming your phone, we’ve compiled a list of a few quick ways you can check your server status in PUBG: New State to ensure whose fault it really is.

If you are suffering from graphical issues and glitches, make sure you are running on optimal graphics settings. After you’ve done that, you can check if PUBG: New State servers are down right now using the methods mentioned down below.

PUBG New State: Are Servers Down Right Now?

If you aren’t sure of whether PUBG: New State servers are down or not, don’t fret! We have a few proven methods for you right here. Generally speaking, even if the servers are down, they don’t stay that way for long.

KRAFTON is known to be quite speedy when it comes to ensuring their servers are back up and running. So, even if the servers are down right now, check back in a few hours.

Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes even the most obvious of errors can be missed and checking whether your internet connection is actually stable is one of them. To make sure, we recommend running a quick speed test.

Generally, you need at least a 2 MB/s connection to run the game smoothly.

In-Game Notices

pubg new state ingame notices

PUBG: New State seems to be one of the first mobile that have included In-Game Notices to portray issues happening with the game. They’ll appear instantly as soon as you open up the game.

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Facebook and Twitter

twitter pubg new state

The official Facebook and Twitter handles of PUBG: New State usually report problems with the game quite quickly. So, make sure you check them out!


pubgnew state reddit

The Reddit community is infamous for being the first to report issues about mobile games. It seems like PUBG: New State is no different. So, if you don’t see anything anywhere else, check out the New State subreddit.

That’s all you need to know about whether PUBG New State servers are currently down or not. If you aren’t in the mood of getting into an actual match, why not try a custom skrim instead?

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