How to Complete Sifu Palm Strikes Tutorial Section

Sifu is a brutal arcade brawler which absorbs the essence of true martial arts seen in Bruce Lee movies. It requires the player to be precise in handling its protagonist and a wrong button pushed leads to dire consequences. Moves such as Palm Strikes are giving players trouble in executing even in the tutorial of the move and we are here to guide you on how to do it.

Much like a souls-like game this game too requires a lot of repetition to master, as the whole game revolves around completing each level with the least amount of deaths. In doing so the player must be in tuned with their inner Kung-Fu master.

How to do the Palm Strike Tutorial

Sifu has a huge learning curve that demands the player to be calm and tap that Chi to focus in the battle and handle everything the game is throwing at you. The game needs you to die and learn from your previous and keep honing your skills until you can progress with the least amounts of deaths.

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Palm Strike Tutorial

To be able to progress effectively the player must know and execute the Combos the game has in store for you. Some moves require directional input while others are just simple action buttons, but there is no leeway for button mashing and every input you give should be fully thought out as you will live with the consequences.

The Palm Strike tutorial is presenting players with much difficulty and the way to do it easily is

  1. Hold the Focus Button (F on PC) (L2/LT on PlayStation/Xbox) to slow time
  2. Once slowed Go Back then Go Front and Light Attack (S, W + Right Click on PC) (Left Stick Down, Left Stick Up + Square/X on PlayStation/Xbox)
  3. You have done it
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Focus Time

Sifu is a very methodical game and needs to be given the attention it deserves to fully have fun. Repetition and mastering the fight is the focus here and the satisfaction after a proper low death run is incomparable to most games. To master each combo you must first learn the buttons.

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