How to Fish in Lost Ark?

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Fishing is a mechanic that is sooner or later added to every MMORPG. What makes it so appealing is beyond comprehension. Lost Ark has fishing as well and can be difficult in understanding how it works, that’s why we are here to guide your hands until you throw that reel in the sea.

Fishing is a trade skill in Lost Ark like mining and hunting etc. and requires you to have progressed through some of the main story. Here we will be teaching you exactly when you can access it and how to do it. For build related guide please check this Bard class article.

Fishing in Lost Ark

Fishing is one of the plethora of Trade Skills you acquire following along the main quest. The chain of quest that gives you these skills starts from Crown of Lakebar in Lakebar Village. Fishing will be unlocked after mining. Fishing rewards you with crafting materials and various other uses.

How To Fish In Lost Ark

Fishing can be done in locations marked with a bait hook on the map and doesn’t require you to move to continue, it can be done perpetually in a single spot.

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How To Start Fishing?

Once you have located these hook/fishing spots, face the water and press “B” to access Trade Skill mode and press “E” to use the Float Fishing ability, this throws your reel in the water and the waiting game begins. Soon you will see a fish approaching your bait and will drag it underwater. Press “E” again to catch it. The caught fish will reward randomly depending on few factors.

The better your Trade Skill level is the better reward you will get, also the kind of Fishing Tool and its rarity will impact reward. And Special Trade Skills abilities too affect the loot. The location you choose to fish at too will yield different fishes and materials.

If you level up this skill enough you will get the ability to set Fishing Barrels that lets you passively catch fishes.

Fishing Tools

For fishing you need Fishing Tools, these can be acquired through purchasing from vendors, crafting, and through rewards from quests and activities. Whenever you get a Trade Skill Tool, in this case, Fishing Tool, through any of the above means, the Bonuses will be randomly granted. With better rarities, the number of bonuses will be higher on each tool.

Uncommon Tools will have 1 bonus while Relic Tools will have 5 bonuses on them, and each bonus will have a percentage-based rewarding of the bonus. The list of bonuses you can get are:

  • Increased Basic Reward drop rate
  • Increased Rare Material drop rate
  • Increased chance for Special Rewards
  • Reduces chance of tool durability loss
  • Increased Float Fishing speed
  • Reduced minigame difficulty
  • Increased minigame rewards

The different Fishing Tools you get for upgrading this skill are:

  1. Float Fishing (Lvl 1) – Allows you to cast your line in water, luring fish towards it.
  2. Throw Bait (Lvl 10) – Increases the chance for rare Golden fish to appear
  3. Barrel Fishing (Lvl 20) – Allows you to set a barrel trap in the water, passively gathering fish for harvest. You can continue to actively fish while the trap is set, increasing your overall yield over time.
  4. Net Casting (Lvl 30) – Uses 5 stacks of your Off the Hook buff gained randomly while fishing to catch lots of fish at once.

Are you enjoying fishing in Lost Ark? What is the relationship between fishing and MMORPG? Comment below and let us know. And for more Lost Ark guides and content check our dedicated section.

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