How To Get Boomstick Blueprint in Dying Light 2 (Self Made Gun)

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Dying Light 2’s world has come up with some crazy weapons. Usually, they are melee weapons as the zombie apocalypse lead to bullet scarcity. But there are still makeshift firearms in the game that are very powerful. Here we’ll teach you how to craft one of the best ones in the game namely, the Boomstick!

Skills and weapons go hand in hand in this game to tackle the many kinds of enemies there are in the game. Some enemies you can dispose of easily with normal weaponry but some enemies need that extra punch. That is where this Boomstick weapon comes in to save your sorry self.

What is the Boomstick?

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Though it looks like a pistol, The Boomstick is rather a powerful hand cannon able to deal massive damage, throws back most enemies on the ground, and can take down enemies in one shot. The only downside to this weapon is that it only has 2 shots initially and then you have to throw it away. Upgrading the Blueprint for this weapon is recommended to increase the damage and the number of shots it fires.

As this gun is in the accessories it can be used with a melee weapon side by side and equipped to your left arm. It requires 100 scarps to craft each Boomstick so it’s very much a necessity to upgrade this blueprint to make the most of your investment.

image 49
Upgrading Boomstick Blueprint

When and Where can you get Boomstick Blueprint?

Boomstick blueprint is available once the player is done with the main quest “Observatory”. After the mission is completed the blueprint can be bought from any Peacekeeper Territory Craftsman for some Old World Money. Any location you liberate for Peacekeepers will sell this blueprint and can be upgraded from the same craftsman.

image 47
Peacekeeper Craftsman
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Location to get the Blueprint from : Saint Paul Electrical Station

We hope this guide helped you find what can be the best gun in the game. For more guides like these stay tuned to our website. Let us know if this has been helpful to your zombie domination.

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