How To Get Claude Prison Outfit In GTA Online

The GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy has recently been dropped and fans have scurried around to get a copy for themselves. However, with the release of the reworked versions of fan-favorites, there comes a lot of exclusive content that you would love to get your hands on. One such example is the Exclusive Claude Prison Outfit that can now be found in GTA Online as a commemoration of the game’s release.

GTA games have always been the center of attention with a history spanning well over a decade have just recently released three new titles which are the reworked versions of some of their most successful games. With the release of this trilogy, a lot of new content has been unmasked and we are here, preparing this guide, to help you get your hands on one of them.

GTA Online: Unlock Claude Prison Outfit

The process of getting the Claude Prison Outfit is a rather straightforward one, but we still wanted to update fans about it as the outfit will become a rarity after this event ends. However, for now, you can get the all-exclusive Claude Prison Outfit by just playing the game between now and November 25th. Yeap, that’s all you need to do. Just get your copy running, and do what you need to. The outfit will be soon available to you in GTA Online. Although, you need to make sure that you are logged in to your Social Club account.

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GTA has been a great part of our childhoods and we are very glad to have the chance to relive those moments again. What do you think about these new games? Let us know in the comment section below.

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