How to Level Up Faster in Sifu and Get Unlimited XP (Fastest Method)

Are you looking to get XP quickly and level up fast in Sifu? Then you’ve come to the right place where we have brought you a comprehensive guide on how you can level up quickly on Sifu by following certain methods. You should immediately follow the methods told in this guide after you familiarize yourself with the game.

Of course, there won’t be a martial arts game without a lot of bad guys being beat up while you too get beat up every now and then. But the way Sifu’s narrative and gameplay pans out is incredible and it keeps the player engaged. This is why before you know how to level up, you will need to have an idea of the combos in this game because they are going to assist you in this process.

Level Up by Getting XP in Sifu

Sifu Combo List For PC and PlayStation

Even in it’s gameplay, Sifu is linear and stays true to the minimal theme it has going around in the entire game. This is why increasing XP isn’t that much of a hassle either. Just a few tips will be needed to be kept in mind and you’ll be good to go.

Best PC Graphics Settings For Sifu

Use The Multiplier

The first of these being the multiplier which is going to help you increase your XP in Sifu quite a lot. A multiplier is when you beat up bad guys without getting a single hit, after which your XP is multiplied and the final XP is greater than what you would get if you get hit in the fight.


Choosing the Right Mission

There are some missions in the game which are longer but easier and some of them that are shorter but tougher. This is going to depend entirely on you as to how can you adapt around your enemies. Because some bosses give you a large amount of XP which contributes greatly to levelling up.

You will want to beat bosses in a single go because bosses give a large amount of XP when you defeat them. You can then use the XP to obtain skills from the skill tree!

Sifu is a game in which you’ll enjoy XP farming because of the engaging gameplay and stunning visuals. Two important methods have been mentioned by us above by which you can get XP and level up. Check out our beginner’s guide to walk you through the game.

Sifu is out for PlayStation 4, 5, and Microsoft Windows. Let us know in the comments if you’d be willing to play it soon!

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