How to Play Lost Ark in Any Country (Outside NA / EU) 

How to Play Lost Ark in Any Country

Lost Ark is one of the most incredible MMORPG in the online gaming scene right now and it has dished out incredible performance in the Korean region because it has been two years now ever since it was released. With that being said, American and European players aren’t liking this injustice.

With American and European users not getting to play the game officially, that isn’t going to stop them from getting access to the game the other way around! This is where we step in because we are here to serve the gaming community and we want players from around the world to play this absolute peach of a game.

Play Lost Ark in NA/EU Region Countries

Once you’re done getting access to the game in this guide, make sure to check out the beginner’s guide for this game which we’ve posted for you. Follow these steps to play Lost Ark in American and European regions.

Tools You’ll Need

  • A fast internet connection
  • ExitLAG VPN
  • An already existing e-mail account


The first tool which is going to come to your aid is going to be the ExitLAG VPN. This VPN can be used for the browser that you use in order to play games that are not in your region. The name of this VPN is apparent in its features because it minimizes lag when you play games through it.

image 3

In the next step, you will choose your region from where you’ll be playing the game. You can choose the American or the European server as per your liking. Then you will open the browser in which you will be carrying out the next set of steps. These are the options or region that you will be given on ExitLAG:

Access Steam

Once you’ve chosen the server from where you’ll be playing the game, the next thing will be to access Steam. Once you’ve gone to Steam’s website, you will then click on Join Steam. The country which you chose in ExitLAG would already be set as your country of choice while you sign up for Steam so don’t worry about that.

exitlag 1

Sign Up To Steam

The next step is to sign up on steam using a working e-mail address. You can use your personal e-mail address as long as it is not already signed up to a Steam account. After that, verify your account on the e-mail that you entered.

exitlag 2

Once you’ve verified the account, you will then be told to choose a Steam Account Name along with the password for the account.

exitlag 3

Search For Lost Ark

Once you’re done setting up your account, you can then search for Lost Ark on the search bar which will give you all the results. The price of the game will be given to you in the currency of the region which you’ve chosen and signed up on Steam with.

exitlag 5

You can now purchase and download Lost Ark and start playing it! That was all you had to do in order to play Lost Ark’s North American or European version if you’re anywhere in the globe.

Now is the time you begin playing Lost Ark and catch up for the time you’ve spent finding guides that brought you no end result!

Lost Ark is now available on Microsoft Windows for North American and European players.

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  1. Steam is blocking proxies and vpn upon account creation tho.

    1. this one i believe. Avatar
      this one i believe.

      if there are other options i would want to know because im at korea atm and i cant download lost ark here. please help

      Tried VPN and all other options
      didn’t work for me.

  2. chillfire Avatar

    Doesn’t work.
    any time i use a VPN steam get stuck in endless loop of captcha on the account creation screen.

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