How to Play Zombies in Call of Duty: Mobile

Let’s discuss on how we can play the Zombies in Call of Duty: Mobile. The Zombies mode has been a fan-favourite ever since it was first introduced in the Call of Duty franchise. And every year, we have seen it get bigger and better with every major game release. The same was brought to the mobile platform when COD Mobile was released to Android and iOS.

There was a new and improved Zombies mode launched last year called the Undead Siege, but it was also removed back in May 2022. There were thousands of comments and questions popping up on every forum, Discord, Reddit etc. communities from the fans to bring back the Zombies Classic mode that we have loved and enjoyed since the very beginning of the mobile game.

Here is everything you need to know about the Zombies mode in COD Mobile, how to play the game mode and when is it releasing.

Zombies Classic Mode is Coming Back

Zombies in COD Mobile

After all the wait, we are super excited to announce that we are finally going to see the Zombies Classic game mode return this season. The developers have already started running teasers and trailers for bringing back this game mode and the response has been super great by the fans.

This official confirmation first came in just before the launch of Season 8 (Train To Nowhere) and since then players have been patiently waiting for the actual announcement by Activision – and well, it’s finally here.

YouTube video

Here are some excitement comments from players who had been waiting for this game mode to return to the Call of Duty: Mobile:

After 3 years, it returns.

I didn’t get a chance to truly experience this mode, but boy I’m excited.


Another one…

I remember playing this when it first came out!!! I was so excited and I’d always play this mode!! Loved it!! After so long… It’s finally coming back!! Let’s go!!!


One more…

Oh my gosh, the nostalgia!! Me, my young cousin and my sister always play this mode on christmas 2019 and its also our first time playing codm


How to Play Zombies Mode in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Undead Siege

To play the Zombies Classic game mode, you will first need to download the required resources from within the Call of Duty: Mobile. It includes all the weaponry, game mode files, map etc. This may take a while depending on your Internet connection. Previously, this game mode was available alongside the Multiplayer, Battle Royale and Ranked matches modes.

Since the launch of Undead Siege, Zombies became a part of Events where game modes would show up for a limited-time and then go away, like the Alcatraz Battle Royale map. Heck, even zombies were once brought to the Battle Royale mode.

If the Zombies mode is available, you will be able to see it inside the Featured area in Events. Tap on ‘Start’ for the matchmaking process to begin where you will be matched with 3 other players for the match to begin.

When is Zombies Returning to COD Mobile?

It has been confirmed so far that the Zombies Classic mode will return to Call of Duty: Mobile in October 2022. As of right now, we are not sure of any exact launch dates or how exactly are the developers bringing back this game mode. Your guess is as good as ours, but we think it would return sometime early next month, if not later.

The same goes for Undead Siege mode. Since it was removed from the main game, there has been no word on how, when or even if it will ever come back for the players. Apparently, Undead Siege did not meet the high standards Activision requires.

We had always mentioned it was limited but with no explicit end-date. We wanted to see the reception, see the feedback, and see how we can potentially shape the mode for the future,” Activision said in a Reddit post. “However, the mode just didn’t reach the level of quality that we desire. The second map, Nacht Der Untoten, is also not releasing in the global version.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on Android and iOS platforms for free. You can download it from the Google Play Store and the App Store. For more cool tips, guides and news, check out our Call of Duty: Mobile section.

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