How to Unlock Ruin-Rose Cinder Skin in COD Mobile

COD Mobile recently added tons of Halloween content to the game; giving players a whole new 50-tier Battle Pass with a bunch of cosmetics. One of those cosmetics includes the Rose Cinder skin for the popular operator – Ruin. Check out how to unlock the Ruin-Rose Cinder skin in COD Mobile for free.

The skin looks absolutely phenomenal and it is definitely worth unlocking. TiMi Studio Group – the developer of the game – put in a lot of effort to make sure that the skin looks as good as possible.

Unlock Ruin Rose Cinder Skin in COD: Mobile

How to Unlock Ruin-Rose Cinder Skin

Players have to complete multiple missions and challenges to unlock this skin along with tons of other rewards. The Halloween-themed – Halloween Standoff – map comes every year around this time and Season 9 is no different.

This process can be time-consuming so check out all the things you need to do in order to unlock the Ruin-Rose Cinder skin:

  1. Participate in 3 Halloween Standoff 24/7 playlist matches
  2. Play 5 Halloween Standoff 24/7 playlist matches
  3. Kill a total of 50 enemies in this game mode
  4. Kill 5 enemies with lethal equipment (Throwing Knifes, Tomahawk etc)
  5. Use a shotgun to kill 10 enemies
  6. Kill 10 enemies with a SMG
  7. Earn the First Blood medal a total of 3 times
  8. Win 5 matches in the Halloween Standoff 24/7 playlist matches game mode
  9. Get the Avenger medal 3 times
  10. Deal a total of 3500 damage with any weapon

These are all the steps to complete this Halloween-themed challenge to unlock the Ruin-Rose Cinder skin. All of these steps are relatively simple to do but are time-consuming so make sure that you don’t give up.

Hopefully, this guide assisted you to unlock this highly popular skin. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the skin and if you have it already or not.

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