Internet Cafe Simulator 2 PC Keyboard Controls

Internet Cafe Simulator

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is a simulator game and is the sequel to Internet Cafe Simulator. In this game, you build your own internet cafe and expand it. There are tons of strategies that you can use in order to grow your audience. However, you must first be familiar with the controls. That is why this guide will take a look at the Internet Cafe Simulator 2 controls for the PC keyboard and mouse.

While you can modify all of these controls, we recommend using the default key binds because they are easy to get used to. Since the game is only on PC, our guide will focus on the keyboard and mouse key binds. With that said, let’s dive straight into the Internet Cafe Simulator 2 keyboard PC controls.

PC Keyboard Controls for Internet Cafe Simulator 2

We’ve gathered a list of all the default keyboard controls and shortcuts you’ll need to learn while playing Internet Cafe Simulator 2. The controls are straightforward and unlike larger sim games – looking at you Farming Simulator 22 – there aren’t that many controls.

W A S DMovement keys
Spacebar Jump
Tab / IOpen Inventory
EscOpen Pause Menu
Left ClickPunch
E Interact

Before you start playing the game, or even while playing, if you take a few moments to quickly learn all the controls for the game, it will be super helpful for you. The overall game process will be much faster for you since you won’t have to spend time fiddling with various controls and finding key combinations.

One of the quirks of the game is that you cannot change these default keybinds. This is particularly annoying to those who are not right-handed like most of us. May be the developers at Cheesecake Dev will roll out an update for modifying the Internet Cafe Simulator 2 controls.

Those are all the Internet Cafe Simulator 2 controls that you should be aware of. The game does a good job at explaining its controls. You will get the hang of it in no time since it is straightforward. Let us know in the comments below what do you think of these keybinds.

You can also find guides like CMD Controls or How to Eat in Internet Cafe Simulator 2 on the site. Make sure you check out our Guides section for more cool tips, guides and game walkthroughs.

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  1. How do u run in the game?! My character just walks

    1. Yatharth Avatar

      W + shift

  2. Why the heck can i not change keybindings? iam lefthanded so this doesnt work for me.

  3. How to eat in the game

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