Is The Founders Pack Worth It In Lost Ark?

With the Lost Ark’s release date around the corner, the hype of this game has been massively expanding especially since its Korean release in 2019. Though the game is a free-to-play MMORPG there are ways to jump-start your adventure through Founders Pack that is. So let’s find out are they even worth it.

There are people still confused looking at the prices on steam wondering whether it’s necessary to buy a Founders pack, we are here to assure you it’s not required as it’s a free-to-play game. Now let’s delve into whether these founders’ packs are even worth your money.

Is Founder’s Pack Worth it?

Lost Ark All Founders Packs

Founders Pack comes in a variety of values (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). Some benefits are very cosmetic but some are beneficial to the gameplay. So let’s check what each Pack provides the player and whether they are an attractive deal to consider.

which lost ark founder pack should you get all packs compared

Bronze Founder’s Pack

image 108

This Pack is the cheapest of the bunch coming in at $14.99. This includes:

  • Head start: This allows the player to start playing Lost Ark three days ahead, February 8th, of its release date on February 11th.
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet: Gives players a pet that follows them around in game which is just for vanity. Not available for players after the game launches.
  • Founder’s Title: This gives the player a founder’s title, a way to boast that you have been part of this game since the beginning.
  • 30 Day Crystalline Aura: Has multiple benefits when active listed in the picture below
    • Triport will let the player fast travel within the continent at the cost of some silver which will be reduced with the Aura. You get Silver in abundance throughout the game so this feature hardly adds any value.
    • Ocean liners are required to move to different continents and to require silver which is easy to come by while playing so no huge benefit here.
    • NPC Affinity +1 will increase the player’s relation +1 each day of Aura activation to the different NPCs. Raising this affinity will let the players get access to NPC rewards like Gold, Cards, Potions, etc.
    • Life Energy Recovery +10%. Menial tasks like logging and gathering require Life Energy and through the Aura active you’ll recover the energy 10% faster.
    • Bifrost Slot +2. This is a worthy benefit of the Aura. This allows the player to set custom fast travel points around the world which they can visit anytime though it requires silver and some cooldown to use. +2 slots will let you set two such locations, perfect for those daily challenges that require you to visit the same locations.
    • Song of Return -50% cooldown. Song of return will let you instantly teleport back to the city you have set as your home.
    • Stronghold Research Time, Craft Time, Dispatch Time -10% Action Energy Recovery Speed +10%. Gives players substantial gain to your personal base i.e. Stronghold, lowering Research time, Crafting Time, and Ship dispatch time by 10%. While also boosting your Action Energy Recovery by 10%. These Stronghold benefits are valuable as they help in progressing the Stronghold which in return provides necessary resources need for Character Progression in the end game.
    • Ultimate Stress Buster in Stronghold which speeds up the character leveling speed.

A good Pack for stating things off with an easy to afford price.

image 109
Crystalline Aura Benefits

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Silver Founder’s Pack

image 116

The Silver Founder’s Pack comes in at 10$ extra than Bronze Pack at $24.99. Let’s see what that gets you:

  • This includes everything in the Bronze Founder’s Pack. Read the details of it there.
  • 1,000 Royal Crystals: This is the premium currency in Lost Ark, right now they are useful to buy cosmetic items like pets, mounts, and skins. Also, they are used in buying Crystal Bundles. Crystals are used to buy normal items from the shop and some of Mari’s secret shop items which are beneficial to the overall gameplay. This currency can only be bought with real money.
  • Silver Supply Crate: it has the following items:
    • 30 Resurrection Feathers: these can bring you back to life if you die.
    • 10,000 Silver: silver is earnable in-game and can be used to buy equipment and supplies.
    • Adventurer’s Equipment Crate: This has a bunch of combat items and is good to have early on in the game.
    • Gatherer’s Tool Crate: You’ll be getting these life skills items through some quests in the game. Not worth it.
    • Four Adventurer’s Ascent Chests: a level 20, 30, 40, and 50 chests, each one filled with a plethora of goodies like Silver, healing items, and other useful things.
      • These chests have Percentage% based healing potions and specific value healing potions. These % based healing potions are very important in the end game when dealing with hard-hitting enemies.
      • The Level 50 chest has interesting items which give the player a select offensive battle item, a healing item, a utility item, and heavy HP potions.

All in all, there is value in this Founder’s Pack. Very helpful in the end game especially those % based healing items and combat items, which normally would require a lot of time to craft in-game or spend heavy amounts of money.

Gold Founder’s Pack

image 125

Doubling in value from the Silver pack to $49.99, The Gold Founder’s Pack includes:

  • Includes all the benefits from Bronze and Silver Packs.
  • 4000 Royal Crystal: 3000 more than the silver pack, these crystals are worth $30 in the in-game store. You can see the heavy discount given here.
  • Founder’s Exclusive Skin: You’ll receive the Northern Lawmaker Skin exclusive to this pack which will differentiate you from amongst the masses. Though only cosmetic.
  • Character Expansion Slot: This will allow you to create one additional Character in the game. You are limited to 1 character per server and this will give you another character to try out. Normally a character slot costs you $9 in the beta.
  • Gold Supply Crate: Which according to the Lost Ark is the same as Silver Supply Crate. Normally when moving from lower to higher tiers as in Silver to Gold the rewards get added benefits but here things are apparently the same. So buyer beware!

Gold Founder’s Pack does provide value as opposed to the price bump from Silver Pack but not necessarily in terms of gameplay. The offering here has some value to it but is weak relatively.

Platinum Founder’s Pack

image 126

The granddaddy of all bundles coming in at $99.99, The Platinum Founder’s Pack should have the most value both gameplay-wise and cosmetically. Let’s see what’s in it:

  • Includes everything from Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packs.
  • 7000 Royal Crystals: The benefits are mentioned above so this increase’s benefit is subjective to you. Though the value compared to real money you would spend on these crystals is there.
  • Platinum Supply Crate: This one is different from the Silver/Gold supply crate:
    • 60 Resurrection Feathers: these’ll bring your character back to life if you die, a trainer wheels of sorts for new players. And can be shared across your account.
    • 50,000 Silver: Hefty sum of money to be spent on normal shopping and activity.
    • 5 Adventurer’s Equipment Crates: Giving you 5 times more items as in the Silver Supply Crate.
    • Gatherer’s Tool Chest: Same as Silver Supply Crate.
    • 4 Hero’s Ascent Chests: level 20, 30, 40, and 50, same as Silver pack minus the Level 50 chest which includes:
      • 300,000 Silver
      • 130 in total heavy healing items
      • 10 daily Una’s Task Instant Completion Passes
      • This Level 50 chest has 10 times the interesting items which give the player a select offensive battle item, a healing item, a utility item, and heavy HP potions.
      • 5 Stronghold Activity Relief Chests
      • 150 Awakening: Chaos Pieces used to activate your awakening abilities. Generally bought from NPCs in the world.
  • Founder’s Skin: this skin is exclusive to the Platinum Pack to announce the world that you put down serious cash from the start. Cosmetic only item.
  • Founder’s Exclusive Mount: A Cerberus mount exclusive to this Pack not unlockable later on. Cosmetic only item.
  • Platinum Welcome Crate: few other goodies for being extra generous:
    • Founder’s Exclusive Wallpaper: The login wallpaper will be different if you opt for this Pack. Cosmetic only item.
    • Founder’s Exclusive Structure: a special building structure exclusive to this pack. Cosmetic only item.
    • Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest: this item will make it easier for you to develop good relationships with characters you encounter throughout Lost Ark. Not Cosmetic, gameplay beneficial item.
    • Launch Limited Card Pack: these card when stacked together can give stat bonuses to the player.

This pack has a lot of value both cosmetically and gameplay-wise but there is a massive amount to be paid to reap those rewards.

Considering the items listed above of each Founder’s Pack there are benefits in some and some do not provide you with a lot of value for money. Consider what is most important to you and make the decision. Also, keep in mind these are not necessary to play the game just to have an early boost.

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