King of Fighters XV Known Issues, Bugs, and Workarounds for PC, PlayStation, Xbox

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King of Fighters 15 has just been released and it has a fair share of bugs, crashes, and issues that the developers have been made aware of. Thankfully, the devs are hard at work to fix all of these issues. The good part is that there aren’t that many bugs to start with.

While there seems to be no set date, the issues are noted by the devs and they are working hard to fix them. If you want to take a look at a list of all the errors and issues that are going to be fixed in the coming updates, you can find them down below. In case you missed it, we have covered the beginner’s guide to the game, along with the latest KOF 15 characters tier list.

King of Fighters XV: Known Issues and Workarounds

Here’s a list of all the official known issues currently present in the game. If you are facing any other bug or crashing in KOF XV, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it here! Hopefully, it’ll be picked up by the developers and fixed.


This seems to be the most common issue that players are facing. Much like the God of War FPS issues, this is due to the fact that the game is trying to run on integrated graphics. You might also get a “Not Enough Memory” error in some cases. Worry not because both of these are related to the integrated graphics. To fix it, you must go to the Device Manager and disable internal graphics. This will force the game to run on your GPU and you can play it smoothly.

Unable to Login

Another common issue is that players cannot log in once they launch the game. The exact reason for this issue is unknown right now but there seems to be a fix that solves this. Since the game does not have an offline mode, you have to allow connections in the Windows Defender. While this doesn’t always fix the error, trying it shouldn’t hurt.

Failed to Download Replay

While this is a rare occurrence, players have reported that they have had this error. It mostly happens when you are trying to download a replay of another player. As soon as you click on “Save Replay” you will get this error. What’s weird is that you can download your replay’s without any issues. Unfortunately, there is no official fix to this problem so we’ll just have to wait and see what the developers say.

Keybinding Issues

Many players have reported that they cannot bind their keyboard keys the way they want. This is especially true for the arrow keys and space bar. Oftentimes, players are used to jumping using the space bar but the game does not allow it. Players have considered refunding the game due to this reason but we are sure the devs will fix it in an upcoming update. Check out this King of Fighters XV Controls list for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Arcade Sticks Won’t Connect

Since KOF XV is a fighting game, players often use arcade sticks to play it. However, the game does not recognize most of the sticks which is a massive problem. The devs have talked about this issue and are working hard on fixing it. We are sure that it will get fixed soon. For controllers not working, we have a separate guide on how to fix it.

No 1440p Support

While not necessarily an “issue”, players have complained that the game does not support 1440p resolutions. This is another issue that the devs have taken note of and will implement in an upcoming update. Unfortunately, even messing with the .ini file does not seem to do the trick.

Are you facing any issues in King of Fighters XV that the developers are not aware of? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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  1. JUAN MENDEZ Avatar

    I am sharing this with you guys because 

    A. I’m not the only one who has had this happen to.

    B. All parties are giving a blind eye (Gamestop, SNK & Koch Media) 

    I pre ordered the OMEGA Edition local Gamestop. 

    Upon opening and laying out the contents I discovered that the GameCase was plain and did not say Omega Edition like the contents case.

    I jotted it as Maybe I have to put in a code that is included or on the gamestop receipt. 

    To my dismay upon inserting the disc into my PS5 it says at the startup screen STANDARD EDITION.

    I still went through the steps and entered codes

    (By the way, the one on the Gamestop receipt is the same as one of the character outfit codes included in the box) .

    Sadly nothing. I even tried going to the online PS store to see if it was some.sort of download.

    Only to find that I was going to have to pay for the Deluxe Edition like a download.

    I’m just seeking help for myself and others that have been screwed over and now ignored.

    Please  add this to your list of KOF issues.


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