King of Fighters XV Controls for PC, PlayStation, Xbox

The King of Fighters 15

King of Fighters XV is an extremely fun game where you have to use combos to defeat your opponents. It can get pretty challenging quickly. However, there is a fun twist to the game. The game can get quite complex. As such, there are a lot of controls that you need to remember. Worry not because this guide will show you the King of Fighters 15 controls for the keyboard and controller.

This guide will cover all of the controls that you need to remember. If you cannot get used to them at once, don’t worry and keep on practicing. The game does an excellent job of explaining all of the controls. With that said, let’s get started and take a look at the KOF 15 controls for the keyboard and a controller.

KOF XV Controls (Default Keybinds)

There are tons of controls in King of Fighters 15 to keep track of therefore, you need to master the basic ones first to build up a ground base. Once you get the hang of them, it’ll be easier to proceed from there. Please note that these controls are changeable and you can fully customize them if you choose to do so.

Menu Selection Controls (PlayStation Controller)

Menu Selection Controls Controller
Select menuLeft stick
Used on specified screensL1
Used on specified screensR1
Used on specified screensTouch Pad

Controls During Battle (Controller)

Battle Controls
JumpJoystick up
Forward JumpJoystick forward up
ForwardJoystick right
Forward CrouchJoystick down forward
CrouchJoystick down
Crouch GuardJoystick down back
Back (Guard)Joystick back
Back JumpJoystick back up
Light ButtonSquare
Light KickX
Heavy PunchTriangle
Heavy KickCircle
Light Punch + Light KickL1
Light Kick +Heavy KickL2
Light Kick + Heavy PunchR1
Light Punch + Heavy PunchR2
Pause MenuOptions

Advanced Controls (Controller)

Advance Controls
DashPress Right D-pad twice quickly
Back StepQuickly press D-pad left twice
JumpsHold D-pad up
Small JumpsTap D-pad up
Medium JumpsPress D-pad down, then tap D-pad up
Large JumpsPress D-pad down, then hold D-pad up
Normal Throw (Forward)D-pad left or right + Triangle
Normal Throw (Backward)D-pad left or right + Circle
Counter ThrowsD-pad left or right + Triangle and Circle
RecoverySqaure + X when you are downed
Emergency Evasion (Forward)D-pad right + Square and X
Emergency Evasion (Backward)D-pad left + Square and X
Blow BackTriangle + Circle when standing
Jumping Blow BackPress Triangle + Circle mid-jump
GC Emergency Evasion (Forward)D-pad right + Square and X while guarding
GC Emergency Evasion (Backward)D-pad left + Square and X while guarding
Guard Cancel Blow BackTriangle + Circle while guarding
MAX ModeX + Triangle
MAX Mode (Quick)X + Triangle while doing a regular command
EX Special MoveSpecial Move + Square and Triangle or X and Circle
MAX Super Sp MoveSp Super move + Square and Triangle or X and Circle
Climax Super Sp MoveClimax Super Sp move + Square and Triangle or X and Circle
RushPress Sqaure repeatedly when near opponent.

Keep in mind that all of these controls are if your character is facing right. The directional controls will be opposite if you are facing left.

PC Keyboard Controls

Game StartEnter
Move CursorArrow key up/down/left/right
Make SelectionsEnter
Switch to Alternate CharacterBackspace
Change Leaderboard PagesO / P
MovementArrow key up/down/left/right
Light Punch7
Heavy Punch8
Light Kick9
Heavy Kick0
Light Punch + Heavy PunchO
Light Kick + Heavy KickI
Light Punch + Light KickP
Heavy Punch + Heavy KickU
Pause MenuSpace Bar
Use in practice modeBackspace

Those are all the controls in King of Fighters 15. Let us know what you think of the game so far and do you like the default keybinds and controls? We would love to know what keybinds you are using. Also, be sure to check out the Dying Light 2 controls and for Lost Ark.

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  1. KOF XV doesn’t allow players to bind arrow keys on the keyboard. Not sure where you got this info unless you know something we don’t know

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