League of Legends: Best ARURF Champions Tier List (January 2022)

League of Legends’ most awaited Ultra Rapid Fire mode has returned once again and it’s looking better than ever with the addition of champions like Zeri and Vex. The main attraction of URF is in the massive base cooldown reduction and the increased level cap. In theory, you can go up to level 30 with infinite mana and 75 % base CDR in every URF match.

Almost every champion is strong in URF. However, there are still some that stand a cut above the competition. So on that note, here’s a quick breakdown of the most mechanically fun and rewarding champions to play in AR Ultra Rapid Fire.

League of Legends: Best URF Champions Tier List (January 2022)

Here is a list of the most fun and broken champions to play in URF with a short description of their playmaking potential.


URF League of Legends Champion Fiora

Fiora is a top laner who heavily relies on her abilities and all-ins. The short cooldowns in URF enable her to spam her Q every second resulting in more DPS and easier access to the opponent’s vitals. Her inherent lifesteal and sustain paired with Conqueror gives her an exorbitant amount of healing and brawling potential.

Her parry is also on a short cooldown which means that you can mitigate most of the enemy damage while dishing out your full combos in less than a tenth of its usual time.


Fizz URF Champion League of Legends

Fizz is also a mage that has high ability power scaling and one-shot potential. In normals, Riot Games have mitigated his lane bullying by putting high mana costs on his abilities which mean nothing in URF as you get to have unlimited mana during the entirety of the game.

The E on fizz allows him to poke and harass early game while remaining unforgettable for most of the trade. Pairing this with the 85 percent base CDR that URF provides, it almost becomes impossible to lane against him. One R – E – Q combo and the enemy is dead!


Kai'sa League of Legends Champion URF

Kai’sa is a short-ranged AD carry that relies on her high damage and mobility to maneuver through team fights. Her kit allows her to jump on most enemies while maintaining her range. Her abilities can be upgraded and enhanced based on different stat criteria.

In URF, Kai’sa can become a menace as her ability upgrades start to come through. She can easily reposition using her E which also makes her invisible in evolved form. Her long-range W snipes become deadly as it applies stacks of plasma on which Kai’sa can R to secure the kill. Once ahead, Kai’sa becomes very hard to shut down in URF.

Master Yi

Master Yi URf Champion League of Legends

Master Yi is a very one-dimensional attack speed and q reliant champion that benefits heavily from the double attack speed buff in URF. The short cooldown on alpha strike lets Master Yi jump on the opponent while being unforgettable. Each auto-attack refunds a portion of his cooldowns which makes his Q very spammable.

Yi normally builds lethality in URF to maximize his Q damage and to possibly one-shot his opponents. Pair that with the bonus movement and attack speed boosts from his Ultimate and you can expect to get nothing short of success while playing him.


Shaco URF Champion League of Legends

Shaco is a trickster that relies on baiting to kill its opponents. The main premise of playing him is to either one-shot the enemy before they can react or to look as killable as possible just to bait them into a bunch of boxes.

Whether you play AD Shaco or AP, the low cooldown on his Q makes sure you can slip through any enemy engage while making them feel silly about it. If you do go the AP route, just remember that there is an outplay for literally everything.


Zed URF League of Legends Champion

Zed is a high-skill AD assassin that has a very unique but fun kit to play around with. His ability to make his shadows cast the same as him lets him apply tons of damage from a safe distance while having the option to all in any second. His W can act as a psuedo-Flash to disengage and re-engage.

Zed’s main limitations in normals are his high early game cooldowns and limited energy pool. This is not a problem in URF since you get infinite mana and energy with a lot of uncapped cooldown reduction. If you are highly confident in you mechanics and want to play something that is fun and rewarding then Zed is the Urf Champion for you!


Wukong League of Legends Champion

Wukong is a brawl-heavy top laner that can go both bruiser and assassin. He is usually played as a bruiser in Summoner’s rift to provide engage and backline access for his team. In URF, however, his playstyle drastically changes from an enabler to the scorer. As URF Wukong can dive onto the enemy laner and output his damage in a fraction of a second.

Now usually there is some sort of punish for these kinds of plays but URF Wukong can easily disengage through his W leaving a decoy to confuse others. There have been many epic Wukong URF plays in the past and there will be many more to come.

This sums up our list of the best champions to play in URF. We will try out best to update the list as much as possible so you can feel confident in whatever you pick and can understand the limitations/ceilings of the said champions.

Want to know when URF is launching? Head to the ARURF 2022 release date to learn more!

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