LoL Top Lane Tier List For Ranked (Patch 12.2)

League of Legends is an ever-changing MOBA with tons of regular changes that can dictate how the game is being played. With that in mind, there have always been certain champions that have achieved the ‘OP’ tag by the player base in almost every update. However, even these kinds of champions witness downfalls in pick rate as the updates start to stack up.

Keeping track of champion strengths and weaknesses along the new changes can get a bit too hectic especially for a solo lane. So today, we are going to explore the Top lane changes and meta shifts that Patch 12.2 has brought. So without further ado, let’s jump right into our tier list for LoL.

League of Legends Patch 12.2 Top Lane Tier List (Ranked)

We’ve spent some time, taken a look at the pro scene, and have devised the best champions to play in League of Legends for Patch 12.2 Here are the top lane tier picks for League of Legends Patch 12.2.

S+ Tier

These champions are currently very strong picks for laning which also makes them a viable option to climb solo queue with. Not only are their kits extremely unbalanced right now but they can also have high potential to snowball and carry games.

S Tier

These are the champions that can perform well in the lane and can capitalize on any advantage they can get no matter how small it is. These champions can also become the cornerstone of a team and carry them to victory.

A Tier

These champions are constant performers and can carry their team to victory if played properly. The champions in this tier are constant meta picks that are powerful enough to perform as needed.

B Tier

These are the champions that are not very strong in the current meta but still continue to be playable in most top lane matchups. Their team synergies are not the best but they can still be viable in the right hands.

C Tier

The champions in this tier category haven’t been able to find their place in the current meta but are still playable in the top lane. The new season hasn’t been very generous to them but hey, they can still go wild in low elo.

D Tier

These champions are currently terrible to play in the top lane as their inherent stats/kits do not let them win most of the matchups in Top Lane. On the off chance, they do win a matchup, they are still unable to have a strong impact on the actual game state. So it would be wise not to pick them unless you’re a fan of challenges.

This LoL tier list covers most meta and off-meta picks for the Top lane in general. If you are looking for other game modes, you can check out Top Champions to play in URF.

Let us know about the champions that worked for you in the patch notes below!

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