Lost Ark: Is An Alternate Account Worth It?

Lost Ark

There are some games which you can’t get enough of and Lost Ark is certainly one of those games. Spreading on to the MMORPG scene like wildfire, Lost Ark has become one of the best in the genre right now. With players rushing on the bandwagon, some players are taking the game a bit too seriously.

When we talk about being serious, then we mean that players are busy creating multiple accounts in the game in order to get the most out of the game. This could account to a number of reasons and the most important ones will be told to you by us in this guide.

Are Lost Ark Alt Accounts Helpful?

Lost Ark is an MMO where you will need to complete daily and weekly quests in order to progress in the game. There are some tasks that will end up being reset on a daily so that you can do them again for more rewards. If you’re new to Lost Ark then you can check out our beginner’s guide to kick start your progress in this game.

You can end up focusing on one character after all but having alts will be important if you want the complete experience of the game. Doing tasks from alt accounts will help you share items and gear between all your characters which will help you optimize all the characters you play with.

Here is how Lost Ark alt accounts can be helpful to you:

Transferring Items

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When you’re in your inventory, when you go on or hover over an item saying “tradable” or in red saying “non tradable”, “bound to account” or even “binds when obtained”. If it says tradable or bound to account, it means you can store this item type in your account storage and then access them on another character. Do check status of all items to know whether they can be accessed from another account or not.


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All the major continents in the game have harbors where you can find a merchant from which you can buy materials on a weekly basis for each character and then transfer your materials between each characters. This can help you boost your game stats and help you towards greater completion in the game.

Knowledge Transfer

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Once your main is level 50, geared and you have access to your stronghold & a level 10 alt (you should reach level 10 after the prologue), you will be able to access a quest to do the knowledge transfer between your main and the alt you choose, to get that alt from level 10 to level 50 in 8 hours with the story of the first continent completed, and all that only for 600 gold.

These are the major reasons as to why you should have alt accounts in the game.

You can check out our character guide to help you understand which character will suit you better in Lost Ark.

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