Lost Ark Gravis Island Walkthrough

This walkthrough will cover the Gravis Island in Lost Ark and discuss all of its details, including quests, how to acquire the island token and what collectibles are found across the island. So, keep on reading if your next voyage is pointing to Gravis Island.

Lost Ark Gravis Island Location

Gravis Island is located in the middle of the Ashtarte Ocean in Lost Ark. You can find this island near Atropos & Hope Island.

Lost Ark Gravis Island Walkthrough

The main questline takes about 20mins to complete, and the item level for this island is 460 (T2).

How to Get the Gravis Island Token?

You can get the Gravis Island Token by completing the main (purple) questline on the island. After you finish the final quest, ‘The Ultimate Vacation,’ you’ll get the island token along with other rewards.

Lost Ark Gravis Island Quests

There are 4 main quests for you to complete on Gravis Island, and we’ll be taking an in-depth look at all of them. These quests take place on Peyto island and many other locations.

The Perfect Getaway

For this quest, you need to talk to Stern Times Reporter Anteri and accept the task of taking pictures of different locations and activities across Peyto Island.

After you are done with the photos, talk to Bartender Volta and progress to the next phase of the quest, where you need to try different kinds of liquor. After that, all you need to do is write an article about Peyto Island and finish the quest to get the following rewards:

  • Gold (10)
  • XP (22,800)
  • Roster XP (477)
  • Silver (100)

Island of Dreams

Go to Aiwana Island and talk to Handsome Ronald. After that, you need to spend some time in the sun lounger and eventually write an article on Aiwana Island to finish the simple quest and get these rewards:

  • Silver (220)
  • Aiwana Island Soul
  • Roster XP (600)
  • Lavish Life Leapstone Chest (8)
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Chest (25)
  • Lavish Destruction Stone Chest (9)

The Ultimate Vacation

Your article-writing voyage will take you to the Revelry Row next, and you’ll be dancing at a party there and then talk to the Manager. At the end of the quest, you will be writing an article on Revelry Row and receive the following mats:

  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack
  • Charisma (1)
  • Silver (18k)
  • High Seas Coin Chest (5)
  • Roster XP (400)

The Ultimate Vacation

The final quest in this article-writing journey takes you to Gravis Island, where you’ll be talking to the tavern keeper, eat lunch, collect some souvenirs, and then chill in the sun for a bit before finally writing an article about the hospitality of the island and receiving your rewards.

  • Gravis Island Soul (token)
  • Roster XP (120)
  • Gold (50)
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Chest (6)
  • Lavish Destruction Stone Chest (3)
  • Lavish Life Shard Chest [L] (1)

This was probably one of the most relaxed and easy questline in the game and shouldn’t cause any problems for you.

Lost Ark Gravis Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

There are 4 Mokoko Seeds for you to collect on Gravis Island, and their exact locations have been pinpointed below.

Mokoko Seed #1

The first Mokoko Seed can be collected from the bottom left side of the island. You can find it on top of a deck at the location marked below.

Lost Ark Gravis Island Walkthrough

Mokoko Seed #2 and #3

The second and third Mokoko Seeds are located inside a tree, and you can enter that tree by heading to the area circled below.

gravis mokoko 2

Mokoko Seed #4

The final Mokoko Seed is located in the center of Gravis Island and is pretty easy to locate next to a pine tree once you go to the location marked in the image below.

gravis mokoko 3

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