Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Trophy List Announced

Eidos Montreal has just announced the official achievements / trophy list for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for all platforms and we have them right here for you. While individual tiers are still not out yet, we do have an idea of what achievements you can expect to see from the game once it is finally released on October 26, 2021. The game’s size has also been significantly reduced due to community backlash.

As of yet, the game seems to have over 30 achievements with 25 hidden achievements also in the bag. This means that the single-player story-driven game also will be paying a lot of focus in players completing side-missions / quests in order to land a 100% completion rate in the title. You can find all the achievements and trophies for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy down below.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Trophy / Achievements List

Here’s all the current achievements / trophies coming out for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on every platform. There are 25 other story-based hidden achievements that have not been officially revealed by the developers yet.

You’ll have to find those out for yourself!

Trophy / AchievementDescription
This Is What We DoObtain every trophy
Self-ImprovementPurchase your first Star-Lord Ability
Dynamic TeamInvest in at least one Special Ability for Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot
Fully LoadedInvest in all Special Abilities for all Companions
Flash FreezeAcquire the Ice Element for Star-Lord’s blasters
Shock and AweAcquire the Lightning Element for Star-Lord’s blasters
Fan FrictionAcquire the Wind Element for Star-Lord’s blasters
Lava LauncherAcquire the Plasma Element for Star-Lord’s blasters
Pick Me UpRevive a fallen team member
Stagger SwaggerStagger 25 enemies
No Way, Nova CorpsInterrupt a Nova Centurion with Gamora’s Call to Action
SlakebusterInterrupt a Slakebeast with Drax’s Call to Action
Groot CanalInterrupt a Charger with Groot’s Call to Action
Drax the DismembererDismember an Inquisitor with Drax’s Call to Action
Unstoppable ForceAttain the maximum possible Momentum 10 times
The Crowd Goes Wild Execute a Flair Attack 10 times
Set ’em Up, Knock ’em DownDefeat 15 Staggered enemies with a Charged Shot
Bullet HellDefeat 15 enemies with Star-Lord’s Fan the Hammer ability
Adding Injury to InsultDefeat 10 enemies affected by Drax’s Wrath of Katath ability
Trained to PerfectionDefeat 10 enemies with Gamora’s Executioner ability
Boom Show Defeat 20 enemies with Rocket’s Five Barrel Barrage
Herbal RemedyRevive or Heal Companions 10 times with Groot’s Gift of the Florae
Altitude AdjustmentDefeat 20 enemies with Star-Lord’s Eye of the Hurricane
Killer FriendshipExecute an Auto-Combo with Gamora
Katathian HandshakeExecute an Auto-Combo with Drax
Aim AssistExecute an Auto-Combo with Rocket
Timber!Execute an Auto-Combo with Groot
Thoughtful CaptainFind half of the Guardian Collectibles
Managerial SkillsFind all of the Guardian Collectibles for one Guardian
Like a Glove!Find and equip one Outfit
Fashion PassionFind and equip all Outfits
Lore HoarderCollect 65% of all Quillopedia entries of each category
Galactic FrugalityPay your Nova Corps fine
Eat It, RodentWin the bet against Rocket

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