Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy PC File Size Is Not 150GB, Confirms Eidos Montreal

The rumors regarding Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy PC file size being about 150GB finally get cleared up, as a tweet from Eidos Montreal confirmed that the actual size is much lesser. As one of the most anticipated titles of this year, fans were rushing to free up space to be able to get the chance to play their favorite Marvel team on their favorite platform.

Going through the PC requirements for the game, nothing seemed out of the ordinary except the massive 150GB required storage space which left fans confused as to what can cause this huge jump in required space as compared to other titles that came out.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy PC File Size Confirmed

With the release of the game just a week away, fans have been rightfully excited for the drop, however, the massive storage requirement had a lot of players stumped as to which game they need to give up, just to make space for this upcoming title. However, a tweet made by the official Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, confirmed that the game would be a lot more tamer than expected.

The tweet stated that the game was in its final stages of optimization and would not be more than 80GB in file size, which is a massive downgrade from the rumored 150GB.

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