Monster Hunter Rise Bugs, Known Issues and Workarounds

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise just came out for PC and players are loving it. The game is well optimized but a few bugs and known issues can be found here and there. However, if you are facing any issues, we will give you some workarounds that you can use. You can find a compiled list of Monster Hunter Rise bugs and their fixes on the PC right here.

With that said, we’ve taken these issues to our own accord and therefore have compiled a few issues and their fixes that might just help you out. We’ve suffered some of these issues ourselves when playing the game. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at the Monster Hunter Rise known issues, bugs, and their workarounds.

All Bugs, Known Issues and Fixes for Monster Hunter Rise

We’ve compiled a list of most of the known issues alongside most of their fixes in Monster Hunter Rise. If you don’t see an issue of yours listed, let us know! We’ll add it right here.

PS4 / PS5 Buttons Not Showing Up

The majority of players that are using a PlayStation controller seem to be facing this issue. Till now, it is unclear why this happens but hopefully, the developers can find a fix for it. We tried a number of solutions but the only one that worked was when you restart your PC. Even then, it didn’t correct it all the time. If you have a solution for this, we would love to hear about it.

Can’t Take Pictures in Tutorial

As soon as you boot up the game, you are greeted with the tutorial. There are many beautiful scenes during the tutorial and players will naturally want to capture them via the photo mode. However, a “bug” doesn’t allow you to do so.

At first, we thought that photo mode was not allowed in the tutorial phase. But this isn’t the case. You have to press the Up arrow key and then press F to access photo mode. This is probably an issue with the keybinds but it works normally afterward.

Unable to Change Graphics Settings

When you first start the game and enter the tutorial phase, you cannot change your graphics. For some reason, the entire menu is greyed out and it doesn’t let you access it. Worry not because this issue only happens during the tutorial. As soon as it ends, you can freely adjust your graphics settings. The developers will take note of this and they will fix this issue soon, hopefully.

Failed to Save

If you are getting the failed to save error, do not panic as there is a solution. To fix it, you can run the game in administrator mode and verify the file integrity.

UPDATE: The developers have released an official solution for the error! For a detailed solution, we made a how-to-fix the “Failed to Save” error in MHR.

Xbox Controller Detection Issues

Much like the PS4/5 controller issues, this one is the same. If you are using an Xbox controller, chances are that it might not get detected. To fix it, make sure that your controller is working in other games. If it is, then you might have to restart your PC. As aforementioned, we do not know the cause of this but the only “proper” fix seems to be if you restart your hardware.

Switch Pro Controller Incorrect Prompts

Since the game was originally released on the Switch, it is only natural if you use a Switch controller to play it on a PC. However, you might have noticed that the button prompts are all messed up. This is due to the Steam Controller Software. When Steam detects a Switch controller, it inverts the button prompts. We can only hope that this gets fixed.

That about does it for our guide about the Monster Hunter Rise known issues, bugs, and workarounds on the PC. If you are facing any other issues, let us know and we will try to assist you. Let us know in the comments below if you are enjoying the game or not.

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