Monster Hunter Rise PC Keyboard Controls (Default Keybinds)

monster hunter pc controls

Monster Hunter Rise has just been released on the PC and we have the complete default key binds for you right here. You’ll need to get a hold of these key binds in order to play the game in the most efficient way possible. While there are a few bugs and issues that are plaguing the game, the developers have copied most of their overall layout from Monster Hunter: World.

As always, you’ll be able to change any of these binds if need be. However, we recommend keeping them at their default if you are using a mouse and keyboard.

Default Controls for Monster Hunter Rise

General Scheme

Menu Controls

Navigate Menu/Change Value – UpW
Navigate Menu/Change Value – DownS
Navigate Menu – LeftA
Navigate Menu – RightD
Back (Cancel)Right-click
Select Layered Armor Loadout/Sort ShortcutsT
Use/Register/Preview LoadoutX
Show Sub-menu/SearchG
Change Page/Tab – LeftQ
Change Page/Tab – RightE
Switch Status/Category – LeftZ
Switch Status/Category – RightC
Rotate Preview Model – UpO
Rotate Preview Model – DownL
Rotate Preview Model – LeftK
Rotate Preview Model – Right;
Toggle Map Display LevelN

General Controls

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardsS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Lock On/Change Target Q
Dash (Hold)/Sheathe WeaponShift
Open Start MenuEsc
Open Detailed MapM
Chat MenuTab
Open Chat PromptEnter
Normal Attack/SilkbindLeft click
Special Attack (weapon Drawn)/SilkbindRight click
Guard/Special Weapon ActionMouse side button
Weapon/Wirebug Reticle (Hold)Click scroll league
Canyne – AttackLeft click
Palamute – JumpC
Palamute – DriftRight click
Wyvern Riding – Light AttackLeft click
Wyvern Riding – Strong AttackRight click
Wyvern Riding – Launch MonsterC
Hunting Installation – Special AmmoE
Hunting Installation – GuardShift
Multi-button Action/Mounted Punisher Mouse side button
Use Item/Sheathe WeaponE
Item Bar (Hold)/Reset Camera)Ctrl
Item Bar – Scroll LeftLeft arrow
Item Bar – Scroll RightRight arrow
Ammo/Coatings Bar – Scroll UpMouse side button
Ammo/Coatings Bar – Scroll DownMouse side button
Action Bar – Scroll LeftLeft arrow
Action Bar – Scroll RightRight arrow
Action Bar – Up (Select/Perform Action)Up arrow
Action Bar – Down (Select/Perform Action)Down arrow
Controller Shortcuts – Switch MenusG
Use Radial Menu 1F1
Use Radial Menu 2F2
Use Radial Menu 3F3
Use Radial Menu 4F4
Keyboard Shortcuts – Slot 11
Keyboard Shortcuts – Slot 22
Keyboard Shortcuts – Slot 33
Keyboard Shortcuts – Slot 44
Keyboard Shortcuts – Slot 55
Keyboard Shortcuts – Slot 66
Keyboard Shortcuts – Slot 77
Keyboard Shortcuts – Slot 88
Camera Controls – UpO
Camera Controls – DownL
Camera Controls – LeftK
Camera Controls – Right;

Monster Hunter Default PC Weapon Controls

Great Sword

Overhead Slash (Can be held to charge)Overhead Slash (Can be held to charge)
Wide SlashWide Slash
Rising SlashRising Slash
Plunging ThrustPlunging Thrust

Long Sword

Overhead SlashLeft Mouse Button
ThrustRight Mouse Button
Attack While MovingW A S D + Left + Right Mouse Button
Spirit BladeMouse Button 4
 Foresight SlashMouse Button 4 + Right Mouse Button (During a Combo) 
Special SheatheMouse Button 4 + Space (After Attacking)

Sword and Shield

ChopLeft Mouse Button
Lateral SlashRight Mouse Button
Shield AttackW A S D + Right Mouse Button
Advancing SlashLeft + Right Mouse Button
Rising SlashMouse Button 4 + Left Mouse Button 
GuardMouse Button 4


Overhead SmashLeft Mouse Button
Side SmashRight Mouse Button
ChargeMouse Button 4 (Hold)
Charged AttackMouse Button 4 (Charge then Release)
Charge SwitchRight Mouse Button (While Charging)

Hunting Horn

Left SwingLeft Mouse Button 
Right SwingRight Mouse Button
Backwards StrikeLeft + Right Mouse Button
PerformMouse Button 4 
Magnificent TrioMouse Button 4 + Left Mouse Button


Mid ThrustLeft Mouse Button
High ThrustRight Mouse Button 
Wide SwipeLeft + Right Mouse Button
Guard DashMouse Button 4 + W A S D + Left Mouse Button
Dash AttackMouse Button 4 + Left + Right Mouse Button
Counter-thrustMouse Button 4 + Right Mouse Button
GuardMouse Button 4 


Lateral ThrustLeft Mouse Button 
ShellingRight Mouse Button
Charged ShotRight Mouse Button (Hold)
Rising SlashLeft + Right Mouse Button
Guard ThrustMouse Button 4 + Left Mouse Button 4
 ReloadMouse Button 4 + Right Mouse Button 
Wyvern’s FireMouse Button 4 + Left + Right Mouse Button 
GuardMouse Button 4

Switch Axe (Axe Mode)

Overhead SlashLeft Mouse Button 
Wild SwingRight Mouse Button (Rapidly)
Rising SlashLeft + Right Mouse Button
Forward SlashW A S D + Left Mouse Button 
Morph/ReloadMouse Button 4 

Switch Axe (Sword Mode)

Overhead SlashLeft Mouse Button 
Double SlashRight Mouse Button
Element DischargeLeft + Right Mouse Button
MorphMouse Button 4

Charge Blade (Axe Mode)

Rising SlashLeft Mouse Button 
Element DischargeRight Mouse Button 
Amped Element DischargeLeft + Right Mouse Button
Morph SlashMouse Button 4

Insect Glaive

 Rising Slash ComboLeft Mouse Button 
Wide SweepRight Mouse Button
Kinsect: Harvest ExtractMouse Button 4 + Left Mouse Button
Kinsect: RecallMouse Button 4 + Right Mouse Button
Kinsect: FireMouse Button 4 + Shift 
Kinsect: Mark TargetMouse Button 4 
VaultMouse Button 4 + Space

Light Bowgun

CrosshairsRight Mouse Button
FireLeft Mouse Button 
WyvernblastMouse Button 4
ReloadMouse Button 5
Select AmmoCtrl (Hold) + Mouse Button 4/5
Melee AttackMouse Button 5 + Mouse Button 4

Heavy Bowgun

CrosshairsRight Mouse Button
FireLeft Mouse Button
Load Special AmmoMouse Button 4
ReloadMouse Button 5 
Select AmmoCtrl (Hold) + Mouse Button 4/5 
 Melee AttackMouse Button 4 + Mouse Button 5 


AimRight Mouse Button 
ShootLeft Mouse Button
Melee AttackMouse Button 4 
Dragon PiercerMouse Button 4 + Mouse Button 5 
 Select CoatingCtrl (Hold) + Mouse Button 4/5 
Load/Unload CoatingMouse Button 5 

Are you happy with the default scheme of Monster Hunter: Rise or did you end up changing them? Let us know in the comments down below.

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