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Overwatch 2 – the massive overhaul of the previous generation Overwatch was released on October 4 and the developers didn’t think things through before launching the game because apparently the game was flooded with bugs during the first and the second week of release with many bugs still present.

Overwatch 2’s team has been working overtime to solve all the known issues. Still, at this point, they are having a hard time catching up to the bugs because every day a new issue arises which makes every gamer out there scratch their heads as to what was blizzard thinking when they released Overwatch 2. Let us look at all the currently known bugs and their solutions if any.

All Overwatch 2 Known Issues and Bugs

The current list we’ve concocted so far is a culmination of user reports alongside an official list as well. This list has been updated as of October 17, 2022. If you are going through an issue other than these, please let us know in the comment and we’ll surely add them!

Here’s a list of all the current bugs and issues currently present in Overwatch 2:

Broken Matchmaking

Overwatch 2 seems to be in a bit of a pickle when it comes to matchmaking. Players are being matched with randoms that are in an entirely different rank and MMR. Golds are getting matched with diamonds. This kind of thing ruins the whole point of playing competitive.

why does the matchmaker put me in with golds who were gold all seasons before when I am currently diamond in ow2 and masters in ow1. Don’t give me that “they have the same MMR as you” I promise you, they do not.

Bad Sound Mechanics

The sound mechanics needs a redo as well because players are complaining that with the constant rumbling sound in the game, it is hard to tell a noise and an enemy apart which can lead to deadly results.

So I like the game somehow, but the sounds nope. I could play Overwatch 1 endlessly, but the maximum matches I can play on OW2 is 2. because of the rumbling sounds all the time. the voices are indistinguishable. for instance, on Overwatch 1 I could distinguish heroes voices like Junkrat from the 1st sound of his gun. and take my precautions. now I can’t until I see him Infront of me. usually dead. the sounds and voices are a turnoff for me.

Automatically Shutting Down or Restarting Your PC

Bugs just keep on coming in Overwatch 2 and the latest one is in a class of its own. Overwatch 2 can cause your PC to thermal throttle, especially your CPU. Every CPU comes with a safety feature that will cause it to shut down when it thermal throttles which Overwatch 2 seems to be doing.

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Long Queue Times

Overwatch 2 has unusually long queue times. If you are playing as a support player or a tank then chances are that you will have to wait around 10 minutes just to find a match. Matches for damage players are relatively quicker to find but that is not how things should be and Blizzard needs to fix it.

Frequent Server Disconnect

Overwatch 2 has been facing server issues since launch day and we have yet to see a permanent fix. A lot of players have reported getting disconnected mid-match which can be simply annoying especially if you were in a competitive match and your MMR was on the line.

Overwatch 2 has been working on improving its server quality since day one but at this point, the server issue is persistent and has yet to see a fix.

No Friend List Error

A strange error is causing the entire friend list of some players to appear empty, This is a common issue that is really annoying and if you want to invite someone to your party, then you will have to manually invite someone through the chat by typing /join or /invite and then adding your friend’s name.

Hero Challange Not Appearing

Another server-sided bug in Overwatch 2 is Hero challenges not appearing. When you go to the hero challenge menu and instead of showing your character’s progress, the game will just show you a blank screen.

How to Fix Hero Challange Not Appreaing Bug in Overwatch 2?

Although this is a servers-sided issue but it can sometime be fixed by trying a few simple solutions. The first one being the obvious – restart your game. Most of the times, this will fix your issue but if it doesn’t then you can try reinstalling you game and if that doesn’t work aswell then you will just have to wait for Blizzard to fix the issue themselves.

Shop Not Showing

Much like many other problems in Overwatch 2, another problem is that sometimes the in-game shop section will not show up and other times it can just keep loading on and on. You can switch back and try again but the problem will persist.

How to Fix Shop Not Showing in Overwatch 2?

This seem like the most cliche solution but it works majority of the times. If the shop section in your game is not showing up or is stuck in an infinite loading screen then you restart your game and it will most likely fix your problem.

Login Error BC 153

This is another error error where when you are trying to connect to a server, the game will not allow you and the reasons are that the server might be already full or the load on the server is soo much that any new player cannot be accommodated.

How to Fix Login Error BC 153 in Overwatch 2?

Because this is a server-sided issue, there is not much that you can do. You can try to change the server that you are trying to connect to. You can check if the Overwatch 2 servers are down because in that case too, you won’t be able to connect. Restart your game. If none works, try connecting after a little bit.

Falling Through the Map on Respawn

What’s worse than dying? Respawning and getting stuck inside the map or falling through the map. Overwatch 2 has a bug where after you respawn, there are chances that you will fall through the map especially if you are playing Bounty Hunter Arcade Mode. There is no known fix for this problem as of yet.

These were all the major bugs in Overwatch 2. This is an updating article so make sure to comeback again and check for the updated version of the article. You can also check out our other Overwatch 2 guides.

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