Payload 2.0 New Features in PUBG Mobile

payload 2.0 rock and load

PUBG Mobile will be receiving it’s new Payload mode which is also called Payload 2.0, very soon. After the 1st edition of this mode, players seemed to enjoy what the gameplay had to offer. Unlike normal Battle-Royale of PUBG, Payload is very different. It has helicopters, rocket launchers, armed vehicles, you can revive your dead teammates and whatnot!

Chinese version (Game for Peace) has already received the mode in beta. And now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at every thing which will be coming in the global version – PUBG Mobile.

Well, we saw M3E1-A rocket launcher, M79 grenade, an RPG-7 and the MGL, in Payload 1.0. This time around though, we’ll be receiving many more additions to the mode which will surely make it a lot more interesting and engaging to play.

Below you can read the details about every new feature that is coming to Payload 2.0.

Armed Vehicles

Good news for the players driving out in the open, as the new mode will feature vehicles armed with flamethrowers, machine guns and rocket launchers. Another great thing about these vehicles will be, that you can drive them even on water. So we guess, it’s time to say goodbye to boats.

Payload2.0 armed vehicles
Credits: PUBG Mobile

Furthermore, a UH60 helicopter has been teased by PUBG Mobile, which has a machine gun attached to it. Teams can now take an upper ground advantage as well by flying these helicopters and killing opponents with that machine gun.

UH60 Helicopter Payload 2.0
Credits: PUBG Mobile

New Weapons

What makes Payload an exciting mode is, the weapons it offers are some of the heaviest weaponry which can take down an enemy in one go. We already had some high power weapons in the first edition but now the mode will receive even more advanced weaponry.

  • First one is the AT4-A laser-guided missile which you can drop at any spot of your choice by selecting the location through that laser.
  • The second weapon that’ll be arriving would be the M202 Quadruple RPG. It’ll be highly effective, since it can fire four rockets back to back at a high fire-rate.

Man-Portable Radar

One more of the many new things Payload 2.0 will be receiving, is the controllable Radar. It’ll come in very handy if you’ll be looking for vehicles, because, it can scan a particular area in it’s range and will detect every vehicle, including helicopters, boats and cars in the mini-map.


Basically a kind of drone, which can fly in a particular direction across the map and can fire missiles to kills the enemies. You can control the UAV yourself to spot an enemy and destroying them with the missiles.

Bomb Suit

Since such heavy weaponry is coming to the game, one can’t survive with a normal armored suit. So, to make the mode more competitive, a bomb suit will be released which can take way more damage than a normal one, thus saving you from dying to the missiles and rockets.

Special Base

Payload 2.0 will contain some “special” areas in the map where you can enjoy high loot to equip for yourself, as well as, you can get the armed helicopter there.

Here’s a picture of every new item that’s coming to the mode.

Payload 2.0 new features
Credits: PUBG Mobile

Payload 2.0 will be arriving most probably on 10th of October for the global version. Here’s a trailer of the mode which you can enjoy until then:

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