Can I Play Age of Empires 4 Offline?

age of empires 4 offline mode

Age of Empires 4 can be played in offline mode on both its Steam and Windows 10 versions. Veteran fans of the RTS genre, rejoice! The developers behind the game, Relic Entertainment, have confirmed that the game will be playable whether you have an internet connection or not. There are just a few simple steps that you need to follow.

Playing offline is a fun way to spend your time when you are off the grid. Plus with the game getting tons of AI improvements over its previous iteration, you’ll be going through a formidable battle regardless of how skilled you are.

How to Play Age of Empires 4 Offline

Age of Empires IV is currently available on two different PC Game marketplaces, Steam and the official Microsoft / Windows 10 Store. Thankfully, regardless of where you’ve purchased the game from, you are able to play it in offline mode on both.

Offline Mode on Steam

age of empires iv steam offline
  • Open Steam, if you are on a PC select the Steam option or the Account option
  • Now, click on the Go Offline option
  • You’ll be prompted to restart Steam after which can play Age of Empires 4 in offline mode.

If you haven’t logged in to Steam and are already offline, don’t fret! You’ll just need to log in as normal and click on Start in Offline Mode to be able to play the game in offline mode.

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Offline Mode on Windows 10

offline mode windows 10 store age of empires iv

You’ll need to be online the first time you do these steps:

  • Open the Store and login if you are prompted to do so
  • Click on the Me icon (Your profile picture)
    Head on to Settings and toggle Offline Permissions on

Note: You can only play Age of Empires 4 offline on one device at a time.

That’s everything you need to play Age of Empires IV in Offline Mode. Have any issues? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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