How to Play as Navigator in Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger is a recently released indie survival game with an asymmetrical multiplayer system. In it, you get to be part of a crew of 8 people making their way through the arctic sea while you can either be or face against two traitors within your crew, and yes if your mind thought of that one particular game yes it is exactly that but big and with survival elements.

The Navigator is an excellent class in the game due to his high utility in dangerous scenarios. He offers good visibility in foggy areas and can see through great distances with his scope. This makes him a tougher to use character as he has to frequently provide support to his teammates which is why we have made this guide in order to get the most out of the Navigator in Dread Hunger.

Dread Hunger Navigator Guide

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There are a few things to consider when playing the Navigator role in Dread Hunger, his agile speed allows him to navigate spaces and loot faster than many other roles and his spyglass offers him some very good visibility.

Here are a few tips to consider to make the most of your role as a Navigator:

Loot Before Your Crew

One of the main benefits of playing Navigator is that his faster speed lets him loot items and valuables around the ship faster than most other people present in the crew. Therefore we highly suggest putting his agility to good use and being the first to make your way looting around the ship.

Use the Lantern to Scavenge at Night

One of the best pieces of gear presented to the Navigator from the start is the lantern. The Lantern provides the Navigator with warmth and light and helps him explore the outside at night time with ease unlike every other role in the game.

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Spy With Your Eye

Probably the best piece of equipment in the Navigator’s entire kit is the spyglass which lets him see great distances. It is highly recommended to climb vantage points like the crow’s nests and watch out for lootable structures. You can tell if an object is looted or not from the spyglass, simply aim at any object and if the text is white that means the object has not been looted and looted objects will actually show up on the Navigator’s spyglass in a red text saying “looted

Become a Sniper

Sniping’s a good job mate, and you can actually channel those TF2 Sniper Skills into Dread Hunger by combining his spyglass and a musket rifle, making him a deadly force to be reckoned with against both thralls and his crewmates.

Check Other Player’s Health Using Your Spyglass

Starting to see how useful this nifty little thing really is? The Navigator can check the health of other players using his spyglass which can be very powerful as both a traitor and a crewmate. This can also help him pick off enemies from above using the preceding tip.

We hope that this guide will make you a better Navigator over time as you hone your skills in the harsh world of Dread Hunger. Good luck!

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