How to Play the Shapeshifter in Among Us

How to Play Shapeshifter in Among Us

Among Us took the world by storm during the pandemic and it is still quite popular even today. Innersloth has been constantly releasing updates to keep the game fresh and innovative. The latest update introduces four new roles and many cosmetic options. Speaking of new roles, this guide will show you how to play the Shapeshifter in Among Us.

All four of these roles have their own unique abilities that can make each game feel different and interesting. However, the Shapeshifter is quickly becoming the fan-favorite – and rightfully so.

Among Us – How to Play as Shapeshifter?

How to play the Shapeshifter in Among Us

A new imposter role, the Shapeshifter can well, shapeshift. Players will have the option to disguise themselves as other players that are still alive. It is quite easy to shapeshift but there are many small things you have to consider before doing it.

First of all, shapeshifting will leave behind evidence that players will be able to spot and deduce what happened. Plus, it takes a little while to transform into the person of your choosing, making it extremely risky to do.

Your shapeshifting powers last for a short duration before running out, exposing your true self to everyone around. To use this ability:

  • You’ll have to press a button on the bottom right that says Shift
  • Pick from a list of names that you want to shapeshift as
  • You are good to go!

Tips on Becoming the Best Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter Among Us

Since this is a relatively new mechanic, players often make tons of mistakes. This section will help you become better than most Shapeshifters out there and fool other players with your disguise.

  • It takes some time to shapeshift
  • Try to shapeshift when no one is around
  • Impersonate the player that is suspected of being the imposter
  • Do not disguise as a previously cleared crewmate
  • Don’t shapeshift when only a few players remain
  • This ability is extremely handy especially at the start of the round

This newly added mechanic will surely make the game more chaotic and keep everyone on their toes. It was a much-needed change because Among Us was getting stale considering the lifespan of the game. Hopefully, this guide made it easier for you to understand what the Shapeshifter does and how you can play the Shapeshifter. You can try out this update on consoles as soon as Among Us releases on PS4 and PS5 as well.

Let us know in the comments below how your experience is with the new update and which role is your favorite.

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