Among Us Release Date for PS4 and PS5 Announced


After almost a year of waiting, Among Us, a popular title based on the age-old Mafia game, finally makes its way to Playstation. In a Tweet earlier today, PlayStation announced that Among Us would be making its way to the console, and the release date was disclosed as well.

Among Us, a game of lying and deceit is not a very old title but had gained massive popularity with the community all around the world due to many streamers jumping on the bandwagon, and exploring the game. Before this news came out, the game could only be played on PC and your mobile device and the Nintendo Switch, but not anymore.

Among Us PlayStation Release Date


Transverse space on your PlayStation 4 and 5 and try to make sure you survive alongside your crewmate by finding out which one of you do not belong on the ship, as Among Us makes its way to the console. A recent Tweet published by the PlayStation official Twitter claimed that the game will be making its way to PS4 and PS5 on December 14, 2021.


The fan-favorite, quick-paced game packed with lying, deceit, and analytics has found its way to the PlayStation console, and it comes with crossplay! So if you have friends that play the game on something other than a PS, do not worry as you can still enjoy throwing each other in the void, as the game has fully incorporated crossplay, allowing for players to join through different platforms.

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