Pokémon UNITE Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards (Free and Premium)

Pokémon UNITE’s second season has just dropped, syncing with the game’s much-awaited mobile launch. The recent update has opened the doors to play the game on Android and iOS along with featuring a new Battle Pass, in-game events, Unite Squads, and even cross-platform play.

The Season 2 Battle Pass is themed around Space with some of the noteworthy rewards including a spacesuit for your avatar and some matching Holowear for Gengar, conveniently syncing with the season’s title – Galactic Ghost 094.

Pokemon UNITE Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards

Similar to the first Battle Pass, the game offers free rewards to every player along with a premium reward line for the ones who opt to pay for the additional content. We’ve compiled all the Battle Pass rewards, free and premium both, for you to examine and decide if they are worth your time and money

1Space Style: LucarioPremium
2150 Aeos TicketsFree
3Kilt Set: Socks Premium
4150 Aeos Tickets Free
5Kilt Set: Shoes Premium
6150 Aeos Tickets Free
730 Item Enhancers Premium
8150 Aeos Tickets Free
9Kilt Set: Innerwear Premium
10Kilt Set: Outerwear Premium
11Canvas Shoes (Indigo) Free
12300 Aeos Tickets Premium
1315 Item Enhancers Free
14 Diamond Pattern Pants (Green) Premium
1515 Item Enhancers Free
16300 Aeos Tickets Premium
1715 Item Enhancers Free
18Capri Pants (Black) Premium
19150 Aeos Tickets Free
20Kilt Set: Bottoms Premium
21Three-Quarter-Sleeve Shirt (Blue) Free
22300 Aeos Tickets Premium
2315 Item Enhancers Free
24Simple Set: Socks Premium
25 150 Aeos Tickets Free
26Rank 26:  Premium
27150 Aeos Tickets Free
28Simple Set: Headwear Premium
2915 Item Enhancers Free
30 Simple Set: Innerwear Premium
31Cropped Pants (Beige) Free
32300 Aeos Tickets Premium
33 15 Item Enhancers Free
34Simple Set: Bottoms Premium
3515 Item Enhancers Free
36 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
37150 Aeos Tickets 
38Simple Set: Shoes Premium
3915 Item Enhancers Free
40Simple Set: Outerwear Premium
41150 Aeos Tickets Free
4230 Item Enhancers Premium
43150 Aeos Tickets Free
44Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt (Gray) Premium
4515 Item Enhancers Free
46300 Aeos Tickets Premium
4715 Item Enhancers Free
48Design Long-Sleeve Shirt (Purple) Premium
49150 Aeos Tickets Free
50Space Set: Tops and Bottoms Premium
51 15 Item Enhancers Free
52300 Aeos Tickets Premium
5315 Item Enhancers Free
54Pokémon Face Hat (Venusaur) Premium
5515 Item Enhancers Free
56300 Aeos Tickets Premium
5715 Item Enhancers Free
58300 Aeos Tickets Premium
59 15 Item Enhancers Free
60 Space Style: Gengar Premium

Pokémon UNITE’s Season 2 Battle Pass rewards end here and now it’s up to you to decide if the grind to the top is worth it. Which reward did you like the most? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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