PUBG Mobile Bans Over 2 Million Accounts This Week

PUBG Mobile has banned over 2 million accounts that were using some kind of hacks, cheats or mods with their updated anti-cheat system. These new updates were first announced with the launch of PUBG Mobile 1.0 (New Era) and it seems the team was not kidding around about the new anti-cheat system. PUBG Mobile is no doubt one of the first and biggest names in Battle Royale games and with such popularity, you always find players using different shortcuts to rank better.

From 4th to 10th September, 2,245,936 accounts (to be precise!) have been permanently suspended from accessing the game, which means a straight 10 years ban! And this huge numbers comes in after PUBG Mobile officially launched a video investigation mode and allowed players to send them proof about someone cheating the system.

What cheats were being used?

As per the official reports by PUBG Mobile, here are the main reasons why over 2 million accounts were banned and what they were using:

  • 52% accounts were using X-Ray Vision
  • 23% accounts were using Auto-Aim Hacks
  • 8% accounts were using Speed Cheats
  • 17% accounts were banned for other reasons

Out of all the hacks used in PUBG Mobile, it seems x-ray vision is the most popular one as you could see through walls where your enemy is hiding.

PUBG Mobile Banned Cheats - 2 Million Accounts

Auto-Aim Hacks takes control of the firing mechanism in the game and effectively takes down the enemy with full accuracy without much input from your side. You just have to walk near an opponent and your gun will start firing automatically. And lastly, speed cheats were basically to improve the overall speed of your player in the game.

Popular cheats and hacks for PUBG Mobile

A lot of hacks are available for PUBG Mobile. Some of them are easily downloadable for free, but there are some cheats that you have to buy first. Here is a list of the popular ones that PUBG Mobile took notice of:

  • Cheat Z
  • Cheat M
  • Auto-Aim
  • Grass Hack

We would highly recommend you don’t take this list as a means of finding new hacks for the game now.

PUBG Mobile 1.0 anti-cheat system updates

PUBG Mobile New Era Anti-Cheat System Upgrades

As mentioned, with the launch of PUBG Mobile 1.0, they also tightened their security and upgraded the overall anti-cheat system of the game. That is the main reason how they have been above to permanently ban these many players.

The following are all the upgrades made to the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system:

  • Further optimized spectating system
  • Fixed engine security issues
  • Optimized the impact of security monitoring on performance
  • Optimized the process and tools of security protocols
  • Tightened security protocols on Livik penalty threshold
  • Crackdown on chat channel cheating promotion
  • Crackdown on ranked TDM
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