Raft July 6 Update 1.06 Patch Notes

Redbeet Interactive has just released the latest Raft July 6 Update 1.06 and we have the complete patch notes right here. This update improves the hitbox on the recycler. It also makes it so the domestic animals cannot walk off the raft. Plus, there are some bug fixes as well.

You can find all the relevant information regarding Raft patch notes for July 6 Update 1.06 down below in the next section. We will also add the update file size here once we have it. For now, you should go ahead and start downloading the new patch to your consoles.

Raft Patch Notes: July 6 Update 1.06

Here are the patch notes for the Raft Update 1.06 rolling out on all supported platforms:


  • Improved hitbox on recycler to prevent placing an unwanted item into the recycler instead of picking up a trash cube
  • Domestic animals (Llama, Goat, Clucker) can no longer walk off the edge of your raft.

Bug fixes

  • Domestic animals (Llama, Goat, Clucker) disappearing and/or being pulled down by waves (We believe this is fixed but weren’t able to reproduce the bug ourselves)
  • Duplicate windturbine by holding X while placing it
  • Unreachable metal detector treasure (in air or inside mountains)

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