Rainbow Six Extraction Known Issues, Bugs and Workarounds for PC, PlayStation, Xbox

For those who have downloaded the new Rainbow Six Extraction on the PC or consoles, know that the game is riddled with a lot of bugs and crashing issues. This new multiplayer game is the latest offering from Ubisoft in their Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series available now on the PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. We have compiled a list of all the known issues with Rainbow Six Extraction, and possible workarounds available so far.

We are sure the developers will be rolling out an update or two over the next few days to iron out the early bugs that have occurred in the game. In case you find more bugs that haven’t been mentioned below, please do let us know in the comments below. You can take a look at all the known bugs and issues for Rainbow Six Extraction down below.

Rainbow Six Extraction Glitches, Known Issues and Workarounds

Here is an official (and also an unofficial) list of all the Rainbow Six Extraction known issues and bugs, revealed by Ubisoft and the player community, as of updated on January 21, 2022:


·        Players may notice multicolored circles appear on their screen during the “After Action Report” and “Celebration” screens with HDR enabled monitors.
Workaround: Turning off HDR may solve this issue.

·        Players on PC might not be able to interact with Discovery Points.
Workaround: Currently no workaround has been identified.
·        Players using some AMD GPUs on PC may find that the HDR option is disable in-game.
Workaround: Currently no workaround has been identified.

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·        Players might become unable to pull up the ChatWheel commands after playing several incursions in a row on Xbox.
Workaround: Restarting the game will fix this issue.
·        Players may find that Voice Chat and Text Chat are not working after rejoining a game in progress.
Workaround: Restarting the game will fix this issue.


·        Some players on Stadia might experience on rare occasions the loss of keyboard or mouse controls.
Workaround: Restarting the game will fix this issue.


·        Please note that the current Shop contains a misleading message indicating an expiration date of September 2022 for the VIP Status once activated. There is no expiration date for the VIP Status, and this message can be ignored.

As always, we’ll be providing you with complete information about the patch notes for Rainbow Six Extraction as soon as they are released with the above fixes. You can also join the official Ubisoft forums to report problems. Are you facing an issue other than the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments down below!

Rainbow Six Extraction is now out for the PC via Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Launcher PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One platforms. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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