COD Mobile Series 7 Ranked Match Rewards | Multiplayer and Battle Royale

Here is a list of all the Ranked Series 7 rewards in COD Mobile for the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. The Series 7 Ranked mode just got reset in Call of Duty: Mobile and a new series started earlier this week to mark the launch of Season 11 Battle Pass. Ranked Series are what the Call of Duty: Mobile’s team call each round / season / iteration of their Ranked mode events. These generally run for about two months and each series has its own theme, its own rewards, and occasionally different rank adjustments.

This season, there are way more rewards to collect in Series 7 Ranked mode, than any series before. You can collect a free Kilo Bolt-Action blueprint in the Multiplayer Ranked matches or get the T.E.D.D – Where to Sir? zombie character in Battle Royale Ranked rewards among other items. We have listed below all the rewards you will be able to unlock in Series 7 Ranked mode.

Ranked Series 7 – Start and End Dates

As mentioned in the patch notes, the Ranked Series 7 began on the 12th October and will end on 12th December. Ranked Series have always go on for two months, and same is the case this time.

Series 7 Ranked Rewards

You have two months to unlock the following rewards that we have listed below for the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. Each mode has four different rewards that you can unlock by playing and progressing through the ranked matches. This is more rewards than any previous ranked series before, so let’s go ahead with the list.

Ranked Series 7 - COD Mobile

Multiplayer Rewards

There are four rewards for the MP Ranked mode in Call of Duty: Mobile. We have listed them below along with the level you will unlock it at.

Cordite – Royal Flush (Pro II)

Cordite - Royal Flush - COD Mobile

Charm – Series 7 (Pro V)

Charm - Series 7 - COD Mobile

Kilo Bolt-Action – Dealer (Master III)

Kilo Bolt-Action - Dealer - COD Mobile

Steeled Frame (Legendary)

Steeled Frame - COD Mobile

Now let’s take a look at the Battle Royale rewards you can get in the Ranked Series 7.

Battle Royale Rewards

The following rewards are for the BP Ranked mode. All the rewards are listed below along with the level when you will unlock them at.

Baseball Bat – Royal Flush (Pro II)

Baseball Bat - Royal Flush | Ranked Series 7

Avatar – Where To Sir? (Pro V)

Avatar - Where To Sir? | Ranked Series 7

T.E.D.D – Where To Sir? (Master III)

T.E.D.D - Where To Sir? | Ranked Series 7

Calling Card – Series 7 (Legendary)

Calling Card - Series 7 | COD Mobile

What do you think of these rewards? We like them and think are really cool this time in the ranked series. Hopefully, the Call of Duty: Mobile team will continue to bring such epic rewards each new series.

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