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Activision has officially released the Season 13 (Winter War) of Call of Duty: Mobile, and we are here with a list of all the rewards of the new Ranked Match Series 8. Series 7 has just ended after running for three months, and Series 8 of Ranked matches will continue on for a shorter period of two months time. So, that means the ranked rewards will reset at the start of Season 15 of COD Mobile. You can also check COD Mobile Season 13 Battle Pass rewards.

Series 7 of ranked had some great rewards to claim in both Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes, and the newly arrived Series 8 is no different. From getting an epic Fennec – Midnight skin in multiplayer to getting the epic Reznov – Winterwood character skin in Battle Royale ranked, Season 13 has even more in store for us apart from these rewards. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at all the rewards of Season 13 Ranked Series 8.

Ranked Series 8 – Start and End Dates

Just like every ranked series, the series 8 of ranked will also run for two months. Having started on 22nd of December, 2020, the players will be able to grind both the multiplayer and battle royale ranked mode up till 22nd of February, 2021.

Series 8 Ranked Rewards

Series 8 of ranked has some great rewards for the players once they reach the specific rank. Having said that, this time around, only three rewards have been offered in both multiplayer and battle royale rank modes. The reward that players used to get at Pro II rank has been removed and the first reward you will be getting, will be at the rank Pro V.

Below are all the rewards of both multiplayer and battle royale ranked modes, along with the rank level at which you can unlock them.

Multiplayer Ranked Rewards

Here is the list of all the multiplayer ranked rewards for ranked series 8.

Charm – Series 8 (Pro V)

Charm - Series 8

An epic charm which has the symbol of S8 on the front.

Fennec – Midnight (Master III)

Fennec - Midnight

Although Fennec has been nerfed, but still a cool looking epic skin would look great in your camos collection.

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Series 8 Frame (Legendary)

Series 8 frame

You can get the epic frame once you reach the legendary rank in multiplayer mode.

Battle Royale Rewards

Here is the list of all the battle royale ranked rewards for ranked series 8.

Avatar – Winterwood (Pro V)

Avatar - Winterwood

An epic avatar with the picture of Reznov – Winterwood printed on it.

Reznov – Winterwood (Master III)

Reznov - Winterwood

Last series, we got the epic T.E.D.D – Where to Sir? character skin after reaching Master III ranked in battle royale. This series, it is going to be the epic Reznov – Winterwood skin to grind for.

Calling Card – Winterwood

Winterwood calling card - Ranked series 8 rewards

Last but not the least reward of all the series 8 of ranked is going to be the epic Calling Card – Winterwood, which you can claim once you reach the legendary rank in battle royale of Call of Duty: Mobile.

This was all about the series 8 ranked rewards for both multiplayer and battle royale modes. We are excited to get all of them and hope you will be too. Do let us know about which reward you are looking forward to the most this season, in the comment box below.

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