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The much awaited Season 13 of Call of Duty: Mobile is officially available to play now, and the battle pass of the latest season has also been released. The battle pass of season 12 of Call of Duty: Mobile was regarded as the best battle pass of the game, however, the one in season 13 gives a tough competition to the former. The best part about the new battle pass is yet another epic Ghost character skin that has been added in the BP this season.

In this article we will look at all the battle pass rewards in season 13 of Call of Duty: Mobile. There are many epic skins, characters, emotes, calling cards and much more. So, let’s see what it is all about.

UPDATE: Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 is out now and here are the rewards: COD Mobile Season 3 (2021) Battle Pass Rewards

Season 13 Battle Pass Rewards

COD Mobile Season 13 Battle Pass rewards

If you have not purchased any battle pass in Call of Duty: Mobile as of yet, then getting the one of season 13 will prove out to be a great choice. There are many epic rewards and cool looking skins in the new battle pass, and you can get all of them once you purchase the premium pass.

Here is the trailer of the latest BP of COD Mobile:

YouTube video

Below, you can go through every reward of Season 13 battle pass of Call of Duty: Mobile.

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Premium Battle Pass Rewards:

The following are the premium battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 13:

TierPremium Rewards
Tier 1Ghost – Dark Vision
Tier 1Man-O-War – Pack Leader
Tier 1Legendary Calling Card – Loose Ends
Tier 1Charm – Frosty
Tier 10Rus-79U – Troika
Tier 12Park – Safehouse
Tier 15Emote – Snowball Fight
Tier 30Golem – Siberia
Tier 35BY15 – Top Dog
Tier 40GKS – Pack Warrior
Tier 45Backpack – Ice Shelf
Tier 50Adler – Mountain Drab
Tier 50Peacekeeper MK2 – Blast Off
Tier 50Dark Vision Frame
Tier 50Siberia

Free Battle Pass Rewards:

The following are the free tier battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 13:

TierFree Rewards
Tier 1Clown – Tracker
Tier 4Chopper – Permafrost
Tier 8Helicopter – Tracker
Tier 14New Scorestreak – EMP Systems
Tier 16Sticker – No Rules
Tier 18Scout – Tracker
Tier 21New Weapon – Peacekeeper MK2
Tier 26Defender – Tracker
Tier 28Flashbang Grenade – Tracker
Tier 31HS0405 – Permafrost
Tier 34Trip Mine – Tracker
Tier 36Combat Axe – Tracker
Tier 38Charm – Mister Ginger
Tier 41Outlaw – Permafrost
Tier 46Calling Card – Aftershock
Tier 50QQ9 – Permafrost

Epic Characters

COD Mobile Season 13 Battle Pass epic characters

Just like the previous few seasons, we have again received four epic character skins in this season’s battle pass as well.

  • Ghost – Dark Vision
  • Park – Safehouse
  • Golem – Siberia
  • Adler – Mountain Drab

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Epic Weapons

COD Mobile S13 BP epic weapons

You will be getting five epic weapon skins if you buy the battle pass of season 13. An epic skin for the new weapon, the Peacekeeper MK2 – Blast Off will be also available at the 50th tier of the premium pass.

Peacekeeper MK2 - Blast Off
  • Man-O-War – Pack Leader
  • RUS-79U – Troika
  • BY15 – Top Dog
  • GKS – Pack Warrior
  • Peacekeeper MK2 – Blast Off

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Epic Charm

  • Charm – Frosty

Epic Bagpack

  • Backpack – Ice Shelf

Epic Emote

  • Emote – Snowball Fight

New Scorestreak

  • EMP Systems

Calling Card

  • Calling Card – Loose Ends

Epic Avatar and Frame

  • Avatar – Siberia
  • Dark Vision Frame

Battle Pass Bundle – Bonus

COD Mobile Season 13 Battle Pass bundle rewards

Buying the exclusive battle pass bundle will give you the following additional rewards.

  • Ice Axe – Nocturnal
  • Charm – Werewolf
  • Snowman Avatar
  • Snowman Frame

Buying the battle pass bundle will also give you 25% BP XP boost and will unlock 12 tiers immediately. If you are planning to get the bundle, then it will be great, since it has a 36% discount going on right now. So as a result, instead of 820 CP, you can get the premium bundle for only 520 COD points. Also, the regular battle pass is available for 220 CP just like every season.

These were all the rewards of Season 13 Battle Pass of Call of Duty: Mobile. The standard of the battle passes just keep getting higher and higher with every season. Without any doubt, Activision has been doing some great work as far as the battle pass rewards are concerned.

You can also check out the buffs and nerfs of season 13 of COD Mobile that will be applied in the game from today, as the new season has officially released. We also have the COD Mobile S13 APK for download.

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