How to Repair The Bay Code in Horizon Forbidden West

If you are looking for an easy-to-understand guide on repairing the bay code then you are at the correct place. While Horizon Forbidden West has tons of amazing content and quests to go through, some of them can be a bit lengthy and confusing. Have no fear tho since we will be showing you the ropes.

Cauldrons and repair bays require you to navigate a dungeon-like facility in order to find a core. This core will usually be located near the end of the facility and you will have to fight a boss monster for it. Here are the complete steps you need to take in order to reach that boss.

How to do Repair the Bay Core Quest?

Once you have completed the main quest called “Death’s Door,” you will reach the Plainsong. You need to find Zo here and progress the story. You will be reaching a sacred cave where the mission will actually take place.

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Once you Override the door, this quest will activate. Here is how you can complete Repair the Bay Core Quest. Here are the steps for it:

  • Follow the main chamber to the right and stick to the upper level. Kill all the Leaplashers there by exploding the Blaze Canisters.
image 423
  • Look to the southeast and Override the Cauldron Door.
image 424
  • Head to the next hallway. head upwards, through the triangular panel and climb up the first pillar. Now follow the path to the left.
  • Hit the pillars to achieve your desired rotation.
image 429
  • Find a crate and drag it through the field and on the triangular switch. It will expose the gears.
image 430
  • Override the First Node (Otherwise known as network uplink)
    • Hit more pillars and climb on the top to Override the Network Uplink.
image 425
  • Override the Second Node.
    • Head through the door and go left.
    • Smash through the panel and go right. Now climb to the top and take left.
    • Override the network uplink.
  • Do the same for the third and fourth Network Uplinks. The game will then transition over to a cutscene and the boss battle will start.
image 428
  • Kill the Grimhorn, you can do this by hitting the yellow parts of the machine while dodging its attacks.
image 427

Once the Greenhorn is dead, another cutscene will follow and you will have completed the Mission.

What do you think about Repair the Bay Code mission in Horizon Forbidden West? Have you completed it yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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