Riders Republic: Best Game Settings

Riders Republic is the latest release from Ubisoft featuring multiplayer action sports in a massive open world. The game includes tons of pre-built races, customizable courses, and three main sports: Biking, Skiing/Snowboarding, and Air sports.

With Riders Republic being extremely competitive, players would be better off tweaking their in-game settings for the best performance and most efficient gameplay. Modifying settings would distinctly give you an edge over your opponents and make your gameplay easier.

What are the Optimal Settings for Riders Republic

We’ve gathered the most optimal settings you can use, affecting your gameplay and visuals. The settings focus on providing crisp visuals and decent FPS at the same time. We’ve also specified a couple of tips that might improve your gameplay.

Graphics Settings

Use these settings for a balance between visual flare and Frame Rates:

Window Mode Fullscreen
Brightness and Contrast Personal Preference
Refresh Use your monitor’s default Refresh Rate
Vsync Off
Pixel Scale 90
FPS Limit Unlimited
Extended FOVDefault (100)
Overall Quality Custom
Shadow Quality Medium
Terrain Texture Quality Low, can go higher if you have more than 3GB of VRAM
Grass Quality Medium
Reflection Low
Snow trail Quality Medium
Water Quality Medium
Anti-Aliasing Low
Ambient Occlusion Medium
Anisotropic Filtering x4. You can go higher if you have a high-end GPU
Motion Blur Off 

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Best Options For Riders Republic

Here are a couple of options you should consider while playing Riders Republic:

  • Manual Landing
    • The first thing you should try out is to Turn Off Automatic landing and opt for Manual Landing. This allows you to score more points and makes the game a tad bit more challenging.
  • Camera Mode
    • You should also figure out which Camera Mode works best for you. We believe a first-person camera mode is best while playing races and a wide third-person view is really helpful when trying out tricks.
  • Rewind Feature
    • Riders Republic offers a similar rewind feature to that of Forza games. Try to rewind any time you mess up a turn or are about to crash. Unfortunately, only you are reminded while the rest of the players keep pulling ahead. We would recommend abusing this feature whenever you’re trying out tricks in order to get the perfect bonus.

Riders Republic is a new release with a ton of confusing aspects for new players. What do you want us to cover next?

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