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Riders Republic just went live this week, and it seems the launch did not go well for a lot of players – especially those on the Xbox. The game is out now for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, along with the PC and Google Stadia platforms. As expected, there seems to be a number of bugs in the game, and they have been causing crashes and launch problems.

Some of Riders Republic’s known issues had been identified since the last beta test, but a lot of them are still there in the game. We have already discussed a number of fixes, our picks for the best settings and have listed down some workarounds here that might help you.

Riders Republic Bugs and Known Issues

Here is an official (and also an unofficial) list of all the Riders Republic known issues and bugs, revealed by Ubisoft and the player community, as of updated on October 28, 2021:

Riders Republic Bugs Identified in Trial Week:


· Camera tweaks when the parachute is deployed after holding slow mode.
· Opening the social wheel during backtrack can cause other bugs
· When launching the game, sometimes the player won’t spawn in the portal zone in the hub
· Character can continue running even if it hits an object.
· Player may be stuck and unable to input any buttons they they trigger the social hub while crossing a zones border.
· Players can land in a vertical position on the bike using the left stick.
· Players can land backwards on the coping (the metal covering or cap) of a pipe
· The parachute opens incorrectly if the player uses the paramotor when in water.
· Wingsuit and Rocket Wingsuiters may find they get launched after hitting some objects while they are ragdolling
· Wingsuit and Rocket Wingsuiters may ragdoll again after getting up from a previous ragdoll state.
· When in a grey crash state, if the player opens 3D Mountain View, it remains active until Mountain View is closed.
· The cursor/reticle can disappear when entering the map view.
· Mouse scroll behavior in options menu can be erratic
· Scroll down in options menu with the mouse wheel make skip some settings tiles
· Scrolling is very sensitive in the shop menu
· Scrolling through the shop menu may skip some items


· Some opponents are missing in few events.
· Player 1 will not see Player 2’s parachute if Player 2 teleports to Player 1 who is on a rocket wingsuit parachute.
· Player 1 will not be able to teleport to Player 2 after Player 2 uses a helicopter ticket.
· The bar and number of stars of the players are shifted and decreased on Buddy Awareness


· Character can fall under the terrain during an event or in free roam.
· After teleportation to the treehouse, the player can see heavily corrupted levels of details on all objects inside it.
· Some small invisible collision issue is present in the Fiery Furnace area of Canyonlands region.


· Brett uses incorrect line while describing the Pegleg event.
· If you trigger a stunt from a locked career, it will prevent you from doing any other stunt.
· The sprint scale is not filled after the player uses a backtrack and stunt restart during specific stunt events.
· There is an overlap between some menus and the star threshold cinematic when the reveal card is triggered while being in a HUB trigger area


· Invisible walls are present during the Tricks Battle on Abyss Arena
· Players can jump behind some quarter pipes in the Hightower Tricks Battle
· When you go up a division in the online cup, the reward icons can be larger than normal
· Players can be stuck on the leaderboard after a multiplayer competition.
· The FPS on the TENTON BURNOUT Mass Race map may be lower than intended
· Players may have the switch effect stay after passing through a sport switch gate
· Passing through a switch gate and ragdolling at the same time may cut the players velocity


· Engine acceleration and braking sounds of the Paramotor and Rocket Wingsuit may not occur
· Paramotor’s engine sound is still played for replica’s when turned off
· Replication pass by sound is not present when flying using Wingsuit or Rocket Wingsuit.


· After moving the finish line in the editor, the cursor is invisible on unused bubbles
· After moving the finish line in the editor, unused bubbles should stay grey when hovering on them.
· Checkpoint missed notification is present on a U-turn road.
· Gained score is doubled and overlapping on itself during the test of a created event.
· Player replication can be corrupted during the creation of a UGC event.


· AMD CPUs have lower performance compared to their intel counterparts.
· Characters have multiple level of detail issues on the Demo 02 bike
· The Libre DL bike has many level of detail issues on the drive chain

Issues Identified and Being Investigated by Ubisoft:

The following issues have been acknowledged and being investigated by the developers and the technical team at Ubisoft:

Unable to switch to Snow Sports

I just unlocked snow sports, and now the game is prompting me to switch from my bike to my new skis. I follow what it says, and when I get to the screen where you switch sports there are no skis there. I’m currently stuck on my bike at the top of mammoth mountain and the game won’t let me do anything else until I switch to snow sports, but there’s no skis to switch to! Could you please help me get my skis to switch to or something?



Here is a video of this bug in action on the Xbox:

YouTube video

Game keeps crashing on Xbox Series X

Xbox Issues Statement - Riders Republic

Well I pulled the trigger and ended up purchasing the game even though I had all the crashes during the trial..

Ten minutes into the santa Cruz bike challenge and stutter, followed by freeze, hung for about 30 seconds and then quit to the dashboard……

So disappointed and don’t know Wether to laugh or cry at this stage.. a whole lot of money wasted and no resolution in sight..

Was really hoping it was an issue only with the trial but looks like there are major problems on xbox series x. I see there are already multiple forum posts and social media reports on the same issue.

This needs to be number one priority for the developers as the game is unplayable for a lot of people.

Game keeps crashing on launch [PC]

game was running fine, when i started the race with the road bike the game crashed mid race and now every time i restart the game it instantly crashing when i start to move after fast traveling to the race i need to do next.

Other Bugs and Known Issues:

Graphical Glitches / Issues in Riders Republic (Zen Mode)

YouTube video

As always, we’ll be providing you with complete information about the patch notes for Riders Republic as soon as they are released with the above fixes. You can also join the official Ubisoft Support community to report problems. Are you facing an issue other than the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments down below!

Riders Republic is now out for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia platforms. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. I am well past the star level 30 yet I still don’t have access to my air sports equipment. Also the game glitches when I try to open the first rocketwing career event

  2. Stuck at mammoth mountain can’t move or progress and there isn’t even a way to reset your progress to start from the beginning. Completely unacceptable. $119 wasted, no help, still no update. Unplayable.

    • If you go to manage game you can delete all saved files from game from there, giving you the option to restart. I had the same bug. Restarting now.

      • The delete all files did not work for me, as saves are uploaded to UBISoft servers for CrossPlay. Have asked them to reset my account, which have seen might fix this issue.

    • i have the exact same problem. i re-installed the game twice, delete all files and progression. i tried everything and I still get stuck. even the ubisoft support couldn’t fix it. if someone knows a fix please tell me.

  3. I am also unable to play the first rocketsuit race event.
    Star level 282 and still don’t have the wingsuit sports.
    Very annoying.

  4. I’m 167 and air career is still locked for me too. If I don’t get a response from Ubisoft or see a fix by the end of the week I’m returning it to get my money back. Fun game but this bug is a ridiculous.

  5. Missing 1 bike race event … 1 bike trick event … 3 snow tricks events … definitely not there .. I’ve looked all over the map for them I’m level 40 bike race and max level 50 on the bike tricks and they still haven’t been unlocked .. must be a bug

  6. i feel like i am the only one u have a weird bug with this game , i play on xbox series X and yes i have the black cutscene and game stuck for the wingsuit but i just quitted the game and re launching it from scratch ( without quick resume ) was the fix for me , now about my issue, i’ve set in the option the difficulty to the max , and when i finish events that asks to finish in harder difficulty modes i never get the star . it never works despite i have finished the event and sometimes i got the 2 other stars from the objective but never the difficulty one.. am i the only one who have this issue ? thx a lot

  7. I bought the one year pass and it didn’t give me anything? also I cannot buy any micro transactions it just sends me to some random google page?

  8. It stopped giving me money for completing the new events in riders Republic, I don’t get the 1,000$ for completing new events or the $2,000 for the big events. is it bugged? I’ve done so many new races and it still hasn’t given me any money for completing them for the past few days

  9. Missing 1 bike trick event, 1 bike race event, and 3 snow trick events. Really annoying because I have ocd and need to 100% every game I play…

  10. Any idea. I bought rider republic on pc for my husband I doesn’t matter if he’s in the shop in the free roam or in challenges his screen randomly flashes black for a few second some times with in say a minute it can flash 4 or five times

    Any idea is anyone else having this issue

  11. I have bought the game was enjoying it a lot and then my pause menu changed I can no longer access and of my gear sponsors or even change from my bike at all . Not to mention my bike no longer has colour nor brand it’s just blank. I can not acces races or events at all even at the ridge I can no longer access shops sponsors or events I am not happy at all and don’t know what to do as I have re installed and deleted all saved files and they simply just return what a joke

  12. Downloaded the game, when you first start up it puts you into zen mode, when you bring up the map and go back out again it shows loading game map 50% and then puts you back into zen mode, doesnt allow to go into carrer mode ect. How long should you play for in zen mode until the game map fully loads from 50%???

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