How to Save in Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Save in Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Team Ninja’s games can often be overwhelming, relentless even, with their difficulty. Requiring pixel perfect dodges or very fast reflexes while severely punishing even slight mistakes, so its a given that Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is going to be a daunting experience for many new players who aren’t familiar with Team Ninja’s games.

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an Action Hack-and-slash JRPG developed by Team Ninja, developers behind the outstanding Nioh games as well as the beloved Ninja Gaiden series. The game has been long awaited by many fans of both Team Ninja as well as the Final Fantasy franchise since its announcement and its finally going to launch tomorrow.

Saving in Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin:

To save the game simply approach one of the various cubes scattered throughout the levels and save. Its a good habit to save as often as you can in these games due to how punishing certain aspects of these games can sometimes be, so if you’re feeling like you’ve made a lot of progress that you’re hesitant to lose, simply backtrack to one of the save cubes and save your game again before pressing on.

Even if you are familiar with past Team Ninja games like Nioh and its sequel, Strangers of Paradise uses a more classic save system than many you’ll see nowadays, for one, there are no checkpoints. Instead of checkpoints you have classic save cubes ala the old Final Fantasy games or many of the Yakuza games or even Team Ninja’s very own Ninja Gaiden series.

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin comes out tomorrow for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and the Epic Games Store.

And that how you can save your game in Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin! For more helpful guides about all the latest games, stay tuned to our Guides section!

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