Final Fantasy Origin Preload Date Confirmed, Post Launch Update Coming

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is finally due to launch in 2 weeks on March 18 the Nioh influenced action RPG has had a hell of a time since its initial announcement to its latest trailer. It also appears that the pre-load for Final Fantasy Origin will be starting from March 13th during which people will be able to download the game ahead of its March 18th release date.

The source comes via PlayStationGameSize on Twitter. It has also been confirmed through a listing on the PlayStation store that at least the PlayStation 5 version of the game will be 71GB on launch, which is disregarding the day one patch for the game.

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Update 1.01

In addition to the pre-load and file size, an update for the game has also been pushed out which adds the option to carry over your saves from the demo version of the game. The full patch notes read as follows:

  • Added save data carry over function to the demo
  • Added PlayStation®5 console cross-save
  • Various bug fixes

While the patch doesn’t add a lot, it is nice having the option to carry over saves from the demo version of game and also having the ability of cross-saves between consoles.

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins comes out March 18th for the PS5/PS4, XBOX Series X/S, XBOX ONE, and the Epic Games Store.

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