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Call of Duty: Mobile has a lot of variety when it comes to game modes. Whether it be Domination, Hardpoint, or Search and Destroy, COD Mobile has got all the main game modes from console variants of the game. The cherry on the cake is that new modes keep on coming in the game, like Kill Confirmed, Grind Mode, and more. Every mode has its own strategy and tactics, but Search and Destroy require them the most. It is the most strategic game mode out of all of them and demands extreme concentration and planning.

Specifically, in this article, we are going to discuss the Search & Destroy mode in Call of Duty: Mobile. Below, you will find all the tips and strategies you need to apply in order to win more of your matches. Just for clarification, this Search and Destroy mode is also known as “Search & Destroy”, “SnD” and “S&D” mode.

Search and Destroy Mode – Overview

Search and Destroy mode - Overview

Search and Destroy mode is basically like Counter-Strike or Critical OPs. There are two teams, one being the Terrorists and the others being the Counter-Terrorists. The terrorists have to plant the bomb at one of the plant sites, either A or B. On the other hand, the CT side has to defuse the bomb or eliminate the enemies before they plant it. If the terrorists plant the bomb, then the CT side gets only 45 seconds to defuse the bomb. Lastly, once you die, then you will respawn in the next round.

Additionally, team communication is the most important aspect of SnD, you need to constantly communicate with the team and report about what you are doing or what’s happening on your side. Every round lasts ninety (90) seconds, and the first team to win five of them wins the match. The particular game mode requires all sorts of tactics, planning, and most importantly, some patience. You need to select the right loadouts, perks, tactical equipment and lethal, etc.

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Terrorists Side

If you are on the side of Terrorists, then you will be planting the bomb first up. You will have 90 seconds to do so. Once you plant the bomb, then you will have 45 seconds to defend it. Starting off the round, you don’t have to blindly rush towards any bomb site. You need to use some smoke grenades, trophy systems, frag-grenades, molotov-cocktails or thermites before entering the site. This way, you will get to know if the enemies are already present on the bomb site or not.

Counter-Terrorists Side

When you are on the side of Counter-Terrorists, then you are not under pressure. The reason for saying that is, the terrorists will be planting the bomb, and the pressure will be on them. All you need to do is hold a bomb site, and wait for the enemies to come. You can also separate your team into 3 and 2 or 4 and 1, to watch different bomb sites, and hence give the call if the enemies rush either of them. However, you must remember that once the bomb gets planted, then you’ll have only 45 seconds to work with. In the same time, you’ll have to finish your enemies and defuse the bomb as well.

Best Lethal Item for Search and Destroy Mode

There are multiple lethal types of equipment that can be used in a game of Search and Destroy. You can divide those among your teammates as to who will use what. There’s frag-grenade, which will come in handy to get a first cheeky kill if your enemies are not using the trophy system. Secondly, you can use the Molotov-cocktail to block a passage and not let your enemies enter from there.

Moreover, thermites will prove out to be a great choice as well, since they keep on burning for a longer time period and will give damage to your enemies as well if they contact it. Lastly, trip-mines are mostly used in SnD, just to get a simple kill if your enemy is not using the hardwired perk.

Best Tactical Equipment for Search and Destroy Mode

As far as the tactical equipment is concerned, there are multiple that can come into play. First of all, trophy systems are a must-have to avoid getting damaged or killed by enemy molotov, grenade or thermite. Second of all, you need some smoke grenades as well in your team. While attacking a bomb site or planting/defusing a bomb, you might want to block the view of your enemies. For these reasons smoke grenades play a huge part in Search and Destroy mode.

Last but not the least, the concussion grenades have started to prove more and more useful in Search and Destroy. However, you will need some practice before mastering how to use it. To begin with, you can throw the concussion at an expected area where the enemies might be camping. If they get concussed, then you will have an easy kill, or even two.

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How to Use Sniper in Search & Destroy Mode?

Role of sniper in Search and Destroy mode

Role of the sniper is probably the most important in SnD, doesn’t matter which side you are on. Most of the times, it’s up to the sniper to get the first pick for your team, and give you a 4v5 advantage over the opponents. You will need to hold certain angles in every map, from where you can spot the enemies. Even if you miss your shots, then at least you will be having the information about your enemy’s location, and you can communicate it to your team to make them alert.

Most of the Search and Destroy matches are decided by snipers. If your team has a great sniper player, then you already have an advantage over your opponents.

Best Perks for Search and Destroy Mode

Perks are one of the most important aspects while selecting a loadout for Search and Destroy. For the red perks, you can use the lightweight perk for extra sprint speed, or the skulker perk to give you some speed boost while crouching and walking. In addition, the tactician perk can be used as well to equip two tactical types of equipment.

For the green perks, you would want to use the hardwired perk in order to avoid getting killed by an enemy trip-mine, and giving your team a 4v5 disadvantage, as a result.

Hard Wired Perk in COD Mobile

Since dead silence has been nerfed, many people are now opting for the Alert perk as it benefits you by making the enemy footsteps even more clear. However, Call of Duty: Mobile developers in their recent 8 January community update have said that they might buff the Dead Silence perk again, as the latest nerf has made it quite useless.

So, if dead silence becomes like it used to be, then it should be your number one choice, else you have the alert perk. Moreover, you can also use shrapnel, to have two lethal types of equipment in the bag.

Best Scorestreaks to Equip

Well, if you are able to use even a single scorestreak in a game of SnD, then you are playing a good game. The first scorestreak that will be activated is the Shield Turret, at 300 points. Moreover, you can use the UAV at 400 points. Besides these two, Shock RC and the Hunter Killer Drone can also be used at 450 and 500 points respectively. Get 4 kills and plant the bomb. Sounds easy, right?

This was our complete guide about the Search and Destroy mode in Call of Duty: Mobile. You can decide which member of your team will be using which tactical, lethal or perks. You can make your own strategies according to your planning, and use all types of equipment accordingly.

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