Call of Duty: Mobile January 8 Update | New Events, Mythic Concepts

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 is up and running, and there are a lot more features coming to the game, as announced by Call of Duty: Mobile in their official January 8 community update. Activision has a habit of releasing new content one after another in every season, to keep the fans more and more engaged in the game. These new updates and features make the game even more exciting as new ways of grinding become possible. In the latest update, Call of Duty: Mobile has shared some insights about the two new modes coming to the game, along with the game-breaking mythic weapon concepts. Apart from that, credit store and event updates are also listed, alongside some big fixes.

COD Mobile has also given a hint about a potential Test Build coming for the game next week. It won’t be an every-day test build but will have some new content as compared to the normal one. In this article we will take a look at all the above-mentioned features coming to the game, as told by Call of Duty: Mobile in their January 8 update. Therefore, make sure you read till the end.

Season 13 Events

To begin with, let’s take a look at all the events that are currently running in the game, and those that will begin in the future.

  • 01/06 – 01/10 ~ Secondary School Playlist (MP)
  • 01/06 – 01/12 ~ Winter in Summit Playlist (MP)
  • 01/06 – 01/12 ~ Best of Black Ops Playlist (MP)
  • 01/06 ~ New Seasonal Challenge – Restock
    • Earn a brand-new Perk, Restock, that helps replenish your grenades
  • 01/08 – 01/17 ~ New Mode Live – Grind (MP)
    • Check out the Dog Tag Duty event to earn some items while playing Grind Mode
  • 01/08 – 01/17 ~ Counter Intelligence – Season Event
  • 01/08 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 01/11 – 01/17 ~ Fight Against the Clock Playlist (MP)

*All Dates UTC

Grind Mode

Grind Mode COD Mobile

Are you a fan of Hardpoint mode? Or, do you fancy playing the Kill Confirmed one? Well, what if we mix both of them? The new Grind mode in Call of Duty: Mobile season 13 is basically the mixture of hardpoint and kill confirmed. What you have to do is, collect the dog tags of your enemies after killing them, and drop them at a certain point. The points will keep on changing, just like in hardpoint.

That being said, you need to be careful while carrying a lot of dog tags, since the majority of the enemies will be focusing on you. The mode has come with an event to reward the players with different skins and camos upon playing it. The event is called “Dog Tag Duty”, and it will be running till the 17th of January.

Following are all the rewards that you can get by playing the Grind Mode, and as a result, completing the Dog Tag Duty event.

  • Nomad – Snowblind
  • Calling Card – Main Stage
  • Antelope A20 – Snowblind
  • Weapon XP Cards

Counter Intelligence Event

Counter Intelligence event COD Mobile

The Counter Intelligence event in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 will send you to Western and Eastern Europe to battle it out in spies vs spies game of espionage. Unsurprisingly, it has a lot of rewards to offer. After you completely infiltrate any region, you will receive some rewards based on the difficulty of that particular region.

First up, most of the players will be heading towards West Germany, as it has the lowest difficulty among all. It will reward you with some credits. Important to realize, you’ll have to build your spies by playing either multiplayer or the battle royale mode. The more, the better. Having said that, you would want to reach the last stage of Moscow, if you want the Outlaw – Arctic Threat skin.

There are a lot of other rewards as well which you’ll receive after completing each region. Getting through all of them will reward you with the Terrance Brooks – Deep Snow character skin.

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Mythic Weapon Concepts

Some new concepts of Mythic weapons will be coming into the game in the future. First up, we have the example of Peacekeeper MK2 – Artifact. As the developers told earlier, this gun was made from a meteorite that fell on earth. Afterward, it was transformed and made into a gun which turned out to be both alien and familiar.

Here’s how the developers designed it

Mythic weapon concept 2

However, the above design was modified to make the gun look the same even with different gunsmith attachments. The attachments were the same as the other guns, but the design was morphed for short, medium, and long-range build. Afterward, the players will be able to customize their guns without disturbing the concept of meteorite.

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Mythic Weapon Concepts | COD Mobile January 8 Update

Now the final concept that you will see below is a mixture of all the above designs. However, before they get released, they will be modified even more to make the quality as better as possible. Until then, here’s a look at more of an alien approach towards these designs by the developers.

Alien skin concept for the Peacekeeper MK2 in COD Mobile

The above design isn’t the final one that will actually release in the game. It is just a concept shared by the designers about what the mythic weapon can look like in the future. No date has been hinted as to when these skins will be releasing in the game, but we hope that happens sooner rather than later.

Credit Store Update

COD Mobile January 8 update credit store

A mid-season credit store update is what the players needed in-game. Call of Duty: Mobile, in their January 8 update has revealed, four new weapons, including one epic skin are making their way into the credit store. Besides, an epic calling card is also up for grabs.

Following is the list of all the items released in the credit store

  • (Uncommon) Striker – Heliotrope
  • (Rare) QQ9 – Dark Light
  • (Rare) Chopper – Dark Light
  • (Epic) Calling Card – Grim Reaped
  • (Epic) DR-H – Gold Glitter

Bug Fixes

There are a few bugs and issues in the game which Call of Duty: Mobile might want to fix soon. Some issues that the developers have already fixed, planning to fix as soon as possible, or are still looking into the matter are the following.

  • Activision Account Linking – Ghost Stealth
  • Ranked Mode Updates
  • Dead Silence
  • Black screen in Battle Royale
  • The view is obstructed in the KRM 262 when using ADS
  • Kilo Lazarus Blueprint unintended buffs
  • Peacekeeper MK2 – Artifact issues related to the kill effects
  • Missing BR Settings for scopes
  • Operators missing unique voice-overs
  • BK57 – Gimmick not showing a weapon model in-game
  • Zombie Mode shards showing back in players inventories (not intended)
  • Various crash-related issues on Android devices in BR
  • General purchasing issues
  • General latency related issues

This was all the information that Call of Duty: Mobile has shared in their latest January 8 community update. A lot of new stuff has arrived in the game with more to follow soon. Apart from that, the bugs and issues in the game will also be fixed soon hopefully. COD Mobile will provide more news about the new test build coming in the game, in the future. So, do keep an eye out for that.

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