How to Unlock DR-H – Snowframe Weapon in COD Mobile | “Get Crafty” Event

DR-H - Snowframe skin

New season of Call of Duty: Mobile means new seasonal and featured events. Every season, COD Mobile releases new events for the players to grind and get the featured rewards. This time around as well, we have got a couple of seasonal events, with more to come. One of the live challenges is the Get Crafty one. It offers DR-H – Snowframe as the final reward, and a bunch of other ones as well.

In this article we will guide you about how you can unlock the gun skin, and what tasks you will need to complete to do so.

Get Crafty Seasonal Event – Overview

Get Crafty is the brand new seasonal event in Call of Duty: Mobile, and it will run till the end of Season 13. It is featured around Battle Royale mode, and rewards the players with a cool looking DR-H – Snowframe skin. It has a lot of other rewards as well, including, a scout skin, purple weapon XP cards, battle pass XP, PDW-57 skin, Helicopter camo, a spray, and some credits.

Pictures of all the rewards are attached below.

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How to Unlock DR-H – Snowframe

To get to the final reward, you have to complete the prior tasks first. Following is the list of all the challenges you need to complete in order to get the DR-H – Snowframe skin.

  • Play three Battle Royale matches (Rewards: Credits x200, Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Kill five enemies with the M4 in Battle Royale (Rewards: Scout – Pine Cone, Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Pick up a rare weapon in Battle Royale ten times (Rewards: Spray – The Killing Floor, Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Kill five enemies with epic weapons in Battle Royale (Rewards: Purple Weapon XP Card x15, Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Pick up a customized weapon from an airdrop in Battle Royale three times (Rewards: Helicopter – Snowblind, Battle Pass XP x4000)
  • Kill five enemies with a customized weapon from your loadout (Rewards: PDW-57 – Pine Cone, Battle Pass XP x5000)
  • Pick up an epic weapon in Battle Royale three times (Rewards: Purple Weapon XP Card x15, Battle Pass XP x6000)
  • Kill five enemies with a legendary weapon in Battle Royale (Rewards: DR-H – Snowframe, Battle Pass XP x6000)

Completing all the above tasks will reward you with the DR-H – Snowframe skin, along with the other listed rewards.

This was our complete guide about the Get Crafty – Seasonal Event in Call of Duty: Mobile. We will be covering more of them, once they arrive in the game.

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